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Is there a way to determine what color Sasha's two "white" kittens will turn out to be? Sasha is a seal lynx point and the father was a dark seal point. The kittens are 2 weeks old right now and are no longer white. Domino has a creamy/greyish body color, with grey ears, feet, legs, and tail... her nose is very dark and her paw pads are mostly dark but still have a little pink. The other kitten is still mostly white but the top of her head is a light grey, tail is grey, back legs have greyish patches, both front legs are white but one has a small grey spot, one ear is a dark grey almost black and one ear is half black/half white.... nose is dark, back paws have speckles of dark coloring and the two front paws are pink. Of course, their future coloring doesn't matter at all, they will be pets only and will be spayed. I am just really curious how they might turn out. Any ideas? I can try to get good pictures later if I can find some decent lighting.
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I have no idea, but they sound absolutely adorable! Where are those baby pictures?
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If you know what color both parents mom/dad is, then you will either have seal, seal lynx, or blue/blue lynx (if carrying dilute).

Both parents would have to be carrying the dilute (blue) to be blue points.
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Here is the link to the last pictures I posted: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=127074

I'll get better pictures tonight that show their coloring.
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What adorable babies - I am sorry that you lost one of the little girls! I hope all the others are doing well.
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I just posted new pics in the Pregnant Cats & Kittens forum, but was unable to get really good pictures of the kittens coloring. I did notice one thing on the second little kitten, Isis. I was looking at her back and where it is "white" there are faded patches, almost like the patches that would be on a Calico. If those get darker, she's going to look unlike any Siamese cat I've ever seen!
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Many siamese have a little "color" on their body, especially lynx points. So it won't be unusual
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I've just never seen one with big round spots! Sasha is a lynx point, and part of her is dark and part is white, but she doesn't have solid, round, seperated "spots"... if that makes any sense.
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You'll have to wait and see. I know some of the siamese that were used in the Ocicat program in the 60's/70's when being developed had "spotted tabby" patterns in their coats!
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