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My 5 week olds have been bottle weaned for 2 days and are eating wet/dry mix and water. Several have developed diarreah...not really really wet, but almost soft grey with egg white trails, if that make sense. Could it be from them adjusting to the food? How often should I feed them now that they're weaned?

Also, they really aren't cleaning themselves yet. They'll try, but when they get so gooped up (normally from pooping and then sleeping in the litter box) they don't even bother. They won't clean their faces either, so their fur gets matted down with cat food. Any thoughts?

OH, DH gave me the okay to keep them "a few more weeks" so that's good, although they're no longer in our bedroom but in our garage. I had to get a very large box and cover it with screening material because they learned how to climb out of their other box! We'd let them go free but we have so many plastic crates in our garage that I'm afraid they'd get stuck behind them.