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YES!!! I'm so excited!!!!

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I just went out to check on the kittens and found Squeak pawing around in the litter box. That wasn't nw, though... they've been doing that for a few days now. (They seem to forget what they need to do after scratching a hole and squatting.) Anyway, I walked by a few minutes after she got out. There was a little piddle spot!! I couldn't believe it.

They started eating kitten food moistened with water a few days ago... not a lot, but a bit. (They don't like it until the food is almost completely soggy. ) I was amazed when they started, though... they seem so young (I suppose they are 30 days, though.)

They're also starting to play a lot too. The more days go by the more Twix and brothers/sisters gets pawed, bopped, pounced on, etc. It's hilarious and fun to watch them.

We're keeping three of the kittens: Squeak, Peep, and Tuxedo(Tucker). And yes, all of them are getting spayed/neutered.

Excuse my ramblings... I'm just having crazy amounts of fun here and needed to share the awesome news with someone!
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Awwww, that would be so exciting!! The little gaffers are growing up
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OMG, I would just love to see little kittens like that interact and learn
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I LOVE new little kitties!! I was just visiting my mom the other day, and the ones she has are just over 7 weeks now. They are so CUTE!! I love how they play together!! As soon as you pick up a couple of them, they just start purring SO loud!!
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Isn't amazing how proud we are to find their first poo or puddle in the litter tray?
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