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FIV cat

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I am so sorry to ask everyone this, but I really need some kind words right now. I just found out that one of my cats in the feral colony is FIV+. I have called all around to try to place him somewhere, and can't find anyone to take him. I have 4 healthy cats of my own, so he can't live with me. I have to make the decision to euthanize him. I don't know how I will make it through this. Now it is even more important to catch the rest of the colony (3 more cats) and have them tested as well. I am very sad about this development. I know that I am doing the best for the rest of the colony and ultimately for Bill, but it doesn't seem that way right now.
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KittyKratz; My heart goes out to you. Until recently I had not ever heard anything about FIV. Is it spread the same as HIV? Should all cats that go outside even closely watched neutered ones be tested? Do most vets do this test? I am so sad for your Bill, and I hope none of the other ferals are positive. I hope some caring person comes forward to offer Bill a home. Do FIV cats have to be in single cat homes, or can more than one FIV positive cats live together? I am sorry for the questions; if you don't want to answer then maybe someone can recommend a site where I can read about FIV.
God bless you and your animals.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. my heart goes out to you for your struggle. I will be praying for you and Bill
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I am sorry you have to go through this. I know how hard it must be. It is a shame some people wont take them in. Here, we have some people who only take in FIV and FELV cats. I really hope the rest of them come back neg!!
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Kitty....I am so VERY sorry to hear about your cat!!!! I moved this thread here, because I thought it might get more feedback...I wish I knew what advice to give you...but this is all so new to me. Good luck!!! *hugs* Let us know what you do!!!
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Well, I am sorry to say that Bill is no longer with us. I contacted as many people as I knew, but Bill didn't really have much time. I spent some time with him this afternoon, but he went very peacefully and I got to be with him.
Unfortunately, I have had another tragedy in the colony. Tonight I spotted the pregnant female I have been trying to catch. I spent time trying to trap her, and while I was waiting, I witnessed one of my ferals getting hit by a car. The car never even slowed down!!!!! I was so upset. I ran out there to help him. I knew there wasn't much I could do. So, I gently lifted him to the back of my car and he seized in my arms. I am having a bad day with the ferals. And after all that, I never did catch the pregnant one!
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Oh Andrea!

That is so sad!!! You are truly an for taking care of the cats in that colony. If it weren't for people like you, many of these animals would have no quality of life at all. I am sorry about both Bill and the one who got hit by a car. At the very least, (and I know it doesn't seem like much), these kittens had someone who cared about them and cared that they lived at all.
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Thanks, Deb. As you can see, you are the only one who even replied. I appreciate it. It means a lot to me.
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I just now saw your post!

I don't get to the other forums as much as I should, so I'm behind all the time.

I am SO sorry to hear about Bill, and the other little baby you lost to the car. how AWFUL that they didn't even stop that pisses me off.

so sorry for your losses
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What a rotten thing those #%$&@! did. I'm so sorry. Did you call the police? Get a license number? I know when tragedy like that strikes it is sometimes hard to think. My heart goes out to you. Keep up the great work, though as the other ferals need you!
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I am sorry it took me so long to get to this post. I have been trying to catch up a day at a time.
I hope you are getting through okay. I am sure it has to be tough taking care of these guys. It is hard when you have ferals who wont let you get close enough to protect them. I am glad they spent their lives with someone who helped instead of hurt them. You are doing a wonderful thing.
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kittykratz; This only showed up on my e-mail to get back to the post today, but that is no excuse. I am very sorry for the loss of Bill and the hit and run. Hope you can catch the pregnant female. How lucky she will be to have you care for her and her babies. Thank you for all you do that seems to go unnoticed
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Thank you all so much. I really needed that today. I am still working on catching the pregnant female. She is about to burst! Thanks for your concern.
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