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I'm a picture thief

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I would like to start taking pictures from these threads to post on my site, of course full recognition will be given to the owners and the cats. All the cats are adorable and they'd look so good on the site. It could be considered an archive for all your fave cat photos. If anyone sees an image posted on the site they want removing please contact me either in this thread of via my e-mail.

Thanx for your time

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- BuNN -, you can have any of my kitty pix for your site - I know they're not the best, but I still getting used to the digital camera's vagiaries.

What are you planning to do - set up a massive, worldwide kitty directory, or just have a website with loads of cute kitties on it?
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Plans are already in motion to take over the UK Governmental system. Once that's within the Kitties grasp the US is next.

Prepare to be assimilated. We will add your technological distinctives to our own. You will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

Bow to your kitty masters!

Sorry got over excited then, suppose I'd best stop drink all that coffee.

Thanks for letting me use your kitteh pictures It may get to the stage where I'll have to get a real domain name sorted. In fact I'll do that now and sort my webpage proper over the next few months
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I think kitties running the country isn't such a bad idea.

We'd all be eating food out of sachets, the country would stop because decrees insisting on 22 hours sleep would be passed (Hmmm - I'd go for that one), free milk would be available for ALL, cats would have right of way on the roads, millions of trees would be planted simply to aide in the sharpening of claws, purring would be mandatory, and squirrel chasing would become a national sport and petitions would be raised for it's inclusion in the Olympics . . .

Yes - the country would certainly be a better place!
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Although, most cats would get along with them all.

BUNN please feel free to use any of the pix I've submitted! You can even go to my site and pull from there if you like!
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Well Bunn, you can take my kitty pics too - but you already have them all!! :laughing: if I ever get round to posting more, you can pinch them too.... of course thees always my doggie pics if you're desperate
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Bunn, go ahead and use mine, too: cats, dogs, whatever. I'm proud of my fuzzies and like to show them off.
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Great thanx guys I'm going to spend some time over the next week or so gleaning them from here then I'll transfer them to the site.
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Knock yourself out with any I have posted. The kits will love all the extra attention. I don't think they feel they are worshipped by enough people yet!
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