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For the food part I did pretty much what MuleNag suggested-create a negative association with the cat's food. We had a problem with Sophia scarfing the cat's food-not good because a) I don't know who is eating what and b) the cat food is too rich in protein for the dogs. Allowing cats on the counter is not an option, so I brought Sophia over to the cat food bowl, put her nose in it and said "NO" loudly. This created enough of a negative association that she leaves it alone.

Good luck!

That pretty much goes along the same lines as rubbing a dogs nose in its poop if it goes on the floor. You aren't supposed to creat negative associations to prevent something, so you're supposed to use positive reinforcement. Please don't give improper advice on message boards where people might actually use it. My cats know the difference between the counter that their food is on, and the kitchen counter, and they do not get on the kitchen counter.
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I keep the litter boxes in a room where the dogs aren't allowed, and, like many others, I keep the cat food up out of the dogs' reach. There are feeding stations on my dresser, on top of a chest freezer, and on a stack of large plastic storage boxes in the laundry room. I also keep cats out of the room when I feed the dogs.
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Our house went CRAZY trying to figure this out. We tried the baby gates - Hershey ate them. We tried putting them up high - Hershey grew. We. Tried. Everything.

I then remembered something my 9th grade English teacher used to say: work harder, not smarter

First, I fed the cats. I waited about 30 minutes, knowing the cats would have to use the litter box. Then I pretended to feed the cats again, knowing Hershey would want his turn, but this time, adding Nature's Miracle Bitter Apple Spray. One bite of that stuff, and we never saw his nose in the cat food again. I then let the cats out to poop, and immediately sprayed it again. It didn't deter him right away - he ate it anyway - but about 2 minutes later, he was scratching his nose and trying to get the taste out of his mouth.

One try, problem fixed.
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