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Pooping outside the litter box

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As some of you may know, this has been an ongoing problem for me and my poor Vinny...

For nearly a YEAR (since we got our other cat, Sherman), my Vinny has been sporadically pooping on our master bathroom rug (nowhere else in the house, not on the other bathroom rug, and would go in the box if we closed the door to the bathroom or picked the rug up). He would sometimes do it every day, sometimes every 2 or 3 days, and other times not do it for weeks at a time. I tried the Cat Attract litter last fall, and that worked for about 6 weeks before he started on the rug again. In February, the vet suggested Feliway and changing his litter before we tried anything further. After those didn't work, I got fed up around mid-March and decided to go back to the litter we'd been using since we got him (and that he used at his former owner's house) and also go back to the food that his former owner sent him to us with (Science Diet...we had been feeding them Purina One since we got Sherman)...because that was the only time he had gone without pooping on the rug for more than 6 weeks (the first 4 months we had him that is).

Needless to say, one DAY after switching him cold turkey to Science Diet, the pooping stopped! I was so excited that I'd found something that worked, even if mentally I had a hard time adjusting to the price (my other cat is a big eater, and we went through the 8lb bag in just over 3 weeks). Anywho, after 2 bags (and a trip to the emergency vet for Vinny, who had a UTI, but it's since been cleared up), I started switching them to Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul since it was still quality but less expensive. There were no problems while I was mixing the food for the switch, but about 2 weeks ago they started getting just Chicken Soup and Vinny started pooping on the bathroom rug again!

My question is, since I know it's not a health-related issue, should I just bite the bullet and buy them the Science Diet, since I knew that it stopped Vinny from pooping on the bathroom rug before?
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YES!!! a cat that goes in the litter box is worth it's weight in gold...
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Since mixing seemed to work, perhaps you could continue mixing the two foods? That would help cut the cost and keep a better food as part of the equation.
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