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muscle spasms??

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My cat, Oscar, had a few bad experiences at the vet's office when he was a baby, allergic reaction to his shots. Because of that the vet has told me he does not need to come back as long as other cats in the home get their shots and he remains inside. Oscar is 5 now and has not been to a vet since that time. Now, our problem, he has been having these little twitching, muscle spasm things when he is laying on my lap. He is very comfortable and kneeding my lap, but he is not in a deep sleep. The twitching occurs every few seconds and don't last very long. This has been going on for about 1 week. Any suggestions?
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What kind of twitching are you talking about? Is it a leg, head, tail?
Even though he reacts to vaccines, he should still visit the vet every year for a physical exam. Vets are trained to feel anything abnormal, and listen to thier hearts and lungs. Since he hasnt been to the vet, I would probably set up a well exam.
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The twitching is in his upper half, like where his front legs meet his body. I know he should be going to a vet for wellness checks, but I am afraid that he will remember what it was like at the vet's office when he had his allergic reaction and freak out again. The time I took him after that experience was awful. It took two vet techs to hold him down to give him his annual shots. Also, I am afraid that it will be hell getting him there and then when he won't relax so the vet can check him out I will be told it's nothing. Oscar only shakes when he is relaxing in my lap.

Thanks for your reply!
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The only thing that is coming to mind at the moment is that he has some poor muscle tone. It's very possible that the kneading is working his muscles, and they are getting tired. Maybe you can find a vet in the area that does house calls, and have him checked out from time to time
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Thanks! I never thought of that! Thanks for your help!
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