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another one has died any ideas?

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Sadly kitten no.5 has died a little while ago, her breathing was quite shallow and there was a bit of blood from her mouth, but now a another kitten looks to have a small amount of blood from her mouth i have phoned the vets and she says just to leave her to it and hope for the best, has any one else heard of any other babies to do this thanks
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Im so sorry for what you are going through right now. It must be so hard to just sit and wait and see what happens.

Im sorry I cant offer you any advice as I really dont know what could be going on But I just wanted to offer my support.

Will keep you all in my thoughts.

Emma x x
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so far so good the one who had a bit blood round her mouth she feeding and moving about and is not crying so hopefully she will be ok dizzy herself seems fine even though the vet this morning thought she could have another kitten or something in side her which she didn't feel last nite before she came home so she x-rayed her but luckily it was just pooh!!! so she gave her something to help her out then painkillers as well that poor little girl has been through so much i just hope she doesn't loose another baby
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Oh Im so pleased things seems to have settled. Bless poor little Dizzy....she has had a rough time hasn't she.

Lots of gentle belly rubs from me, Boo and babies x x x x x
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sadly the kitten no.1 died, but the last 2 seem good and dizzy seems fine with them and so far doesn't seem to have rejected them hopefully she won't either, i thought that kitten no.1 would die because when I checked on them earlier the other two looked so much bigger than kitten no.1 so fingers crossed. I will keep every one posted.
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sorry to hear about your babies. I really hope the others do ok now! Keep us updated!
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I am sorry about the kittens! I just saw your thread now.
Some times kittens will "fade" I have heard KFS may have to do with blood types of the parents. If mom is A and dad is B they are not compatable and the kittens will some times "fade" I am not sure if that will cause them all to fade or not. I hope this isn't the case. If you see the kittens looking sluggish, try putting a little corn or karo surup on their gums, the sugar will give them alittle boost it may help if you notice another one looking like it is weaker then the rest. Keep them warm too, cold kittens won't eat.
Good luck with the rest, I hope this was the last of yours and dizzys troubles!
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Oh im so sorry sweetheart.

Hugs and kisses heading your way x x x x x x
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Sorry to hear about the babies. i hope the rest do well.
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I am soo sorry! Take the remaining ones to the vet, and see. If you can. I am very sorry!
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The vet has seen them this morning it's only when i got home we started to lose them she's said that's there's nothing she can really do
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Oh, I'm sorry. I'll have them in my thoughts.
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thanks every one will keep u all posted
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