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Friendly cat??

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Hi guys.

I am getting a new cat to be my 3-year old cat's companion. My cat used to live in a multi-cat family and his previous owner said that this cat gets along with other cats exceptionally well. In fact, I live on the ground floor and my neighbor's black cat always comes to my apartment and my cat always goes crazy when he sees her through the window. He would constantly meow and meow and thrust his head against the screen to touch the black cat but the black cat just hisses at him and sometimes she would try to attack him, but even so my cat never hissed back and would still continue what he did (meowing). Does it mean that what the previous owner said is true? Is meowing at other cats a sign of showing affection?

I am asking because I want to adopt a companion for him, and probably a younger cat. I don't want him to hurt the other cat. Should I not get a kitten but a cat around the same age?
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Sound like he does want to be friends. I'd look for a laid back neutered male about 8 months - 2 yrs old. Do the usual recommended introductions and your cat should be fine. I'm assuming the 3-yr old is neutered.
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