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Bored? Need to change her food?

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Villy seems to be bored with her wet food. She's on royal canin sensitivity, meat and biscuits. The biscuits I leave down all the time, the meat she has 2 or 3 times per day in a seperate bowl to the biscuits. She seems bored of the meat, as when I offer her something different she's more keen and eats it, whereas the royal canin she has started to leave for ages before she has a little. She's still eating her biscuits. Is she bored? What could I offer instead? She has a sensitive stomach.
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No one has any ideas?
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I have noticed with my cats that they will eat the same dry food forever without getting tired. But wet, they are picky with, get tired of the same flavor very quickly and then just eat very little of it.

I know California Natural has:
Chicken & Brown Rice
Venison & Brown Rice
Salmon & Sweet Potato

I think all those are for sensitive tummies.
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One of my cats has a very sensitive stomach. The only wet he has is a little boiled white fish for breakfast as everything else makes him vomit.
He was on Hills sensitive but got bored and he is also rather plump so I`ve just changed him onto James Wellbeloved Senior/Light. He loves it and it hasn`t caused him any tummy trouble. It is hypo-allegenic.

My other cat was on Royal Cannine for a week to help her stomach as Whiskers was too rich and giving her the runs. Vet suggested Felix as it isn`t so rich. She is just having the chicken flavour as the others were still giving her the runs but she seems much better on the one flavour.
Have you tried Natures Menu or Hi-Life?

I tried Perfect Fit Sensitive with both cats and neither liked it and it still upset their tummies.

Hope that helps a bit.
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Thanks, I haven't tried Natures menu but she likes hilife.
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