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A day after giving birth is it normal to have a little blood coming out of her. louise x
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As long as she is only spotting and not loosing lots of blood its completely normal.

Just keep an eye out for change of colour or smell as that is an indication of an infection but all sounds well.

Emma x x
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thanks for that , yes it is just spotting. taking her now to the vets to check her out and babies. better to be safe than sorry. thanks again louise x
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Took Daisy and the babies to the vet this morning , mum and babies are all doing well and very healthy . The spotting was normal but you just never know. So im happy now they have all seen the vet . I will put some pics on as soon as i get time .Thanks everyone for all your help with all my different posts it helped loads.Louise xx
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I'm glad everything is good for her and the babies! Thanks just great, congratz!
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