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Softhearted (and -headed) men

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My son, Mark, showed up at my door, this afternoon. I was curious, as to why he wasn't home, with Sam on a day off. He hemmed and hawed and I thought something had happened between them. He then said, "I've got something in the truck to show you."

He came back with the CUTEST puppy! While at work, she came strolling out of a culvert and ran right to him. Being MY kid, he couldn't leave her out there, in the desert. Well, his landlady says that she can't stay there. Mark and Sam have two Dalmatians, already, plus the other dogs on the ranch.

Mark couldn't find a home for her and couldn't face taking her to a shelter. Ergo, bring her to Mom's house! This was softhearted (-headed) man #1.

When the situation was explained to Bill, his immediate response was, "I can't turn down the puppy." For all his crusty exterior, Bill is putty in the paws of anything fuzzy. Softy #2!

Since we are going to Vegas, next week, Mark will keep her until we get back. Noone is sure how old she is. Maybe my vet can help with that. She's going to need shots and spaying, anyway. She, also, needs a name. Mark has been calling her "Smoochie". That will not do, at all.

She seems to be part shepherd, Rottweiler, mastiff and God-knows-what. In other words, she is a pedigreed curb setter. We really ARE beginning to look like a menagerie!
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Ike seemed to tolerate her, OK. He growled when she went after his chewy but, she went submissive right away.
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Gee- maybe you should call her Ergo! LOL You softie you! Good for you!
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Cindy, she's sooooo cute! Maybe she's part Great Dane too!
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I hope not! Ike eats enough, as it is. This puppy has paws the size of dinner plates. We, already buy dog in 40-50 lb. sacks. Oh, well - what's one more?
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Cindy, She's a Heinz dog! Anyone from Pittsburgh could recognize that. I think you had better start buying 100 pound bags by the looks of those paws. Do you suppose there might be a bit of Mastiff and Great Dane in that Heinz mixture? She's a beauty, but I think she's going to be a BIG beauty!
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Cindy that's sooooo good of you and Bill to take in this little (!?!?!?) puppy . . . sounds like your in for some fun times with 2 dogs and 2 cats!
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HeeHee!!! Oh the fun you'll have!!! Shes a real little cutie!!! Keep updating us with pic of how she's grown!! ad what you decide to name her too
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She is a sweetie! I think you should call her something like Roadie, Mirage or Desert to reflex where she came from!
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We have considered "Ketchup" or "Mustard", since she's a Heinz 57. We are going to hold off on a name, until she's here full-time. She seems to have quite a personality.

She sure spooked Ike. He jumped up on the recycling bin. Looked like one of those old cartoons of a woman who'd spotted a mouse!

Rowdy didn't get too close, either. Her tail looked like a bottle brush. Of course, she did the same thing, when we brought Ike home. Now, he's her favorite toy.

Opie decamped to the laundry room and the top of the water heater. HE isn't impressed by dogs, at all.
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Cindy, Opie has been converted to kittydom by Rowdy, obviously. Why would he stoop to associating with a dog?
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What an adorable puppy! Good for Mark for not turning the other cheek! Then again, how can you resist such a pup. Reminds me of Scoobie Doo!
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Cindy she is a real doll! Gotta love those Heinz 57 pups. Nothing against pedigree dogs, but the mutts always have SO much personality! I guess being a softy must run in the family. I distinctly remember you saying that you can't go into a humane society adoption center without bringing home another kitty...
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Me? A softy? Never! You, obviously, have me confused with some crazy cat lady!
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OMG!!!! What a cute puppy!!!!!!! I want to see more pics!!!!!!!
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