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Kitty walking funny on back legs!! HELP!!

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We took our persian to the groomers today for the first time for them to bathe her, cut out some of her knots, and clip her nails. Since she came back she's been walking funny on her back legs and her tail moves from side to side. It doesn't seem like her back legs are weak or injured, just as though something is stuck up her bum so she's walking funny. What can I do? I don't know whether I should take her to the vet because she's an indoor cat and she had complete blood work done a month ago and it said she's fine. Any ideas??
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Have you looked to see if she may have been nicked by the shears or maybe had a claw clipped too close? Of course,she may just need to get used to being de-furred!
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I don't know, but I would call the vet or the emergency vet if yours isn't available, and tell them what's going on and see what they say...mine usually do the tail swishing if something is physically annoying them and they can't get to it or can't fix it... Have you checked her all over for cuts or nicks? Sorry, I just don't know...

Edited to add:

That's a good point- did you get a lot of her shaved, or just the knots trimmed and not much else? She may just feel weird if she was shaved for a summer haircut-lol .
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they shaved out some of her knots, so she has little bald patches that she keeps licking. She has no cuts or nicks anywhere on her body. She's also been crying a lot at night recently. I did some google research and a few sources state that sometimes cats walk a little funny when they go into heat and they move their tail to the side. She hasn't been swishing her tail like she does when she's angry, just moving it from one side to the next while she walks. Do you think she could just be going into heat? She's been acting so crazy lately with her crying and wakes me up about 7 times per night.
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sratch down her back and especially right before her tail. If she is in heat she should most likely hike up her hind end, call and maybe even treadle her hind feet.

How old is she?
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I scratched her down the back, and she did hike up her rear and treadle her feet. She's 10 months old. I was thinking she could be going into heat , but my vet never mentioned anything about her walking a little funny, so I wasn't sure.
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It sounds like this is the answer, but a phone call to the vet won't hurt. I am always over cautious with everything.....yes, the vet knows I am nuts
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Thanks so much! I'm going to talk to my vet tomorrow morning and see if she is in fact going into heat. I feel a little better knowing it's probably that.
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please post back and let us know forsure.

Also, I am going to give my standard "fix em all" spiel ...... please keep her indoors and get her spayed as soon as possible. Too many unwanted kitties out there, even really wonderful purebreds. It is also much healthier for the female kitty in the long run. Less chance of mammary cancer and no chance of lifethreatening pyometra.
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