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cars the movie.

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Since this seems to be movie thread night,
I just finished watching Cars,

very cute movie, think i wll have to go buy this one.
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Yeah I liked it. Kind of predictable (like most family movies) but all in all it was good.
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I loved that movie!

"They did what in your cup?"
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It was pretty good, but got a little long. I know I didn't get a lot of the jokes about car racing.
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I loved it! And DH did too!

Very good pick me up movie if you are having a bad day
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Loved it! Borrowed sister's copy and didn't want to return it. Even had Guido as my avatar for a few weeks.

The closing credits bit with the drive in was a hoot - esp. with those tractors in the background.
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I LOVE these kind of movies. Im still a kid at heart, great computer animation gets me every time. I love Mater hehe
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I've never actually seen the movie, but I'm starting to know the characters really well. My 3 year old nephew LOVES that movie and he has tons of toys associated with it.

so... there's actually a movie made about those toys?
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DH and I LOVE the Pixar movies but weren't excited about Cars so it took us foreverr to watch it. When we did though we loved it and went straight out and bought it.

It's so clever and funny - Mater is definitely my favourite character!
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I bought it and still haven't watched it...I need to do that
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I thought it was really cute! I need to watch it again!
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One of my very favorite movies! I bought it and showed it to my parents, and they loved it so much (especially the tractors) that they wanted to show it to my nephew, who had seen it already, but we all watched it again, and at the end, my nephew wanted to take it home... so now I need a new copy...

And yes, Pixar is the BEST! I loved the Toy Story movies, too. "Buzz, I am your father..."
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One of my favorite movies!
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