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Maine Coon Rescue in Kentucky, anyone been there in person?

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A Maine Coon Rescue group contacted me about the stray in my yard, I was looking for a rescue to take it.

They said they are located in Kentucky, but have rescuers (workers) located in many states. For example I live in New York. A worker living in NY would come pick up the cat, then the cat would be put on a plane, and flown to Kentucky where the rescue is located, with a person on board to travel with it.

Trouble is I live on Long Island, NY, and cant visit the place myself to see if its a legit place.

If there was any chance of them taking the cat, I need to know about them first.

Has anyone who lives in Kentucky visited or been involved with this place?

Here's there site.

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Keith, I don't know if this is legit or not. All I know is that I had a very bad experience with main coon rescue. They helped me to adopt out our very first rescue, which was a pure bred main coon. We interviewed the woman they found to adopt her - but she was in OR and we're in NJ. She'd fostered for them before, so she came with great references.

I really should have taken hissy up on her offer to visit the woman (hissy lives in OR, but it would have been over an hour's drive for her).

The cat was flown to OR. We spoke to the woman who said she was adjusting just great. Then we couldn't get in touch with her. She never sent promised pics. Then when we finally tracked her down, she said the cat had run away. Well - she was supposed to be an indoor only cat. The woman thought our cat had gone to a neighbor's and she would try to find out.

We then found out later that the woman was using drugs, had closed down her boarding facility and disappeared.

We contacted maine coon rescue, and they informed us there was nothing they could do as the cat wasn't officially adopted through them. That was news to us, as they placed her, made transport arrangements, &etc. They were VERY rude about the whole thing, they were VERY unhelpful about it, and had we had more money, we would have hired a private detective to track down the woman that adopted Booger, and we would have sued Maine Coon Rescue to change their policies so that it is VERY clear whether or not a cat being adopted out was through their organization or not - because when they're involved every step of the way, how can someone not think they're not responsible?

I cry every time I think about Booger. She was the sweetest most beautiful girl. The worst part of it is that in the end we didn't stay in the RV, we moved into a house, and we could have taken her with us. If I had to pick one thing in life that I regret the most, this situation would be it.

I'm sure they do good work and I'm sure there are local chapters that are great.

But I would never work with them again.

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This is so frustrating! In the past year with me trying to find homes for any of my cats, all I have been getting were replys from bad or irresponsible people, at this rate I dont think any of these cats will ever find a home, i've been doing this for 3 years trying to find homes, and the only cat that found a home was because of pure luck, a small chance that is very unlikely to happen again a 2nd time. How do you people do it?

Your experience sounds pretty bad, then again it could have been the only "accident" that ever occurred through this rescue, nobodys perfect I guess.

Mabye there is someone else on here who knows them that has better and has a good story to tell?
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hello, I live in Northern KY, am not sure where Franklin KY is...but I will make some calls to my vet, local shelter etc and a local rescue around here and ask some questions for you about the Maine Coon Rescue. Just to see what people round here think.

I'll get back to you ok?

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hi, I haven't been able to find out anything. I"m sorry I couldn't help.
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keith, i know a guy here in ohio, who said he is looking to add a main coon.
do you have some info on them here at tcs?
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my experience with rescues here in KY is that they won't adopt to you unless you are 100% indoor and have no children.

who doesn't have kids that visit? good grief, not all kids are sadistic monsters...
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I can see about the indoor only rule, but because you have children, that seems a bit harsh! Yes, some children may be too rough with a pet, but thats why they have parents to keep them from being too rough.

Some cats may be too active/aggressive for households with children in them. So shelters here only allow those few cats to be placed in households without children, but the other cats are allowed to be placed in households even if they have children.
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