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Just wanted to say goodbye!

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Hi Everyone!

Firstly - Thank you all so much for your help and support with my health. It has helped so much and meant so much to me!

Secondly - I just wanted to let you all know that I will no longer be posting on The Cat Site!! This had been a difficult decision as I have for the most part enjoyed my time here and it has also been so much fun getting to know you all and call you my friends! Please know that I still would love to stay in touch with those of you that have become my friends and that most of you have my email address! for those that don't and wish to drop my a line it's bundy.lee@webone.com.au. I hope some of you will still wan't to email me once in a while!

One of the reasons I have decided to leave is that it has become difficult for me due to some members attitudes! I am tired of having to defend myself, watch what I say and generally not be myself anymore in case it offends some people! At this stage in my life I am not prepared to battle through it! It saddens me that there are some folks out there that take this so seriously that they end up spoiling it for everyone else! I also realise that they really need to get a life and I want to make sure I don't end up in the same category by getting upset with them or having to defend myself to them! I won't name names as I am not like that! I just think it is time to go!

This has been a fantastic experience in so many ways and very frustrating in others. I am tired of hearing rumours of what is said behind my back and feel very sad that I seem to have upset some people for no reason! Still it is all part of life's experiences and I wouldn't have met so many lovely people if I hadn't been here!

My Secret Santa will still go out! I hope you all have a magnificent, safe and peaceful Christmas in which ever way you celebrate it!

Ghyslaine, Yola, Cindy, Lizza and Heidi I don't have your email addresses, please feel free to drop me a line if you want to!

Lot's of love from the bottom of my heart, tearful farewell and I really do hope you all have the best of everything your hearts desire.

To my fine friends good bye for now.
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Don't leave While I dont know you, I have read your posts and have never seen anything wrong with what you have written. It is true that some take things seriously, etc. but you know what? Who cares? You will see this on almost every single board, not just cat boards. Trust me on that one. I just ignore it.... So, dont leave just because people dont like what you have to say.
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I hate gossip too and there are mean people everywhere! Please don't take away from those of us that care about you and what you have to say. This is just letting the people you feel are judging you win. I hope you will stay because I always look forward to see what your view is on the posts here! ((((hugs))))
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Bundy, I agree with the others don't leave. Some people are way too sensitive, and you have just as much right to post pictures and give your opinion here as anyone else. Just keep posting the way you have been and if some don't like it, it's too bad.
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Oh Bundy.....I am so sorry that you have been hurt and that your decision is to leave. I really wish you would reconsider and stay. I truly have enjoyed getting to know you this past little while. And you know what? I think by leaving, you are kind of making them win. Although I have no idea who the people are that you are talking about, I think the best way to deal with all of this would be to stick around and just ignore them. Don't reply to their post, PM's or whatever.... But then again, I guess I don't really know the whole story so it's hard for me to tell you what to do. But I want you to know that I will definately miss you...I am really sad to hear you are leaving.

If you want to talk, here is my email: smeall@datacom.ca. I'll always be there for you.

It really is too bad that people have to bash the one bit of happiness others find here at TCS. This is our home away from home. Our place to just chit-chat about everything, our place to be who we want and our place to generally say what is on our mind today. The fact that everyone may not agree with what someone has written is okay. We can never fully agree. That's life. But the fact that someone gets a thrill out of making someone else feel bad about what they have written is sad. Life is too short for that.

I really doubt you needed this on top of everything going on in your life right now.

Please write me.

Take care and (((HUGS)))
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I agree with Ghyslaine ..... Don't let those people win by leaving this site, just ignore them, and eventually they will stop and/or find someone else to bug.
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Bundy, I'll join the chorus: don't go. Its been fun BSing with you. So what, if SOME PEOPLE are being nasty? I've never seen anything objectionable, in your posts. You haven't been banned so, you can't have been THAT bad!

I'm honored that I'm one of the ones that you are willing to keep in touch with. You can reach me at http://katl8e@yahoo.com

Hang in there and take care of yourself and the fuzzies.((()))
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I just Pm'd you- you take care! Please let me know the outcome of your next doctor's appointment. You know where to reach me.
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I'm really sorry this has happened. I don't post much, so I don't see or experience that kind of thing, so I'm really sorry that it has happened to you, Bundylee - I always loved to read your posts, fun and full of energy! I never saw anything that would require any of the responses from other people as you have described - I can only think there are people who don't understand humour, or something?

I loved to see pictures and read about beautiful Tatyana, (I never did understand why that judge had a problem with her coat, I was always bemoaning that my russian Nik didn't have a luminous coat like Tatyana's in the pictures posted!)

I realise this is a decision you need to make, and I think it's awful that you even needed to consider it, let alone come to this decision, but I will miss your posts. I also hope that things improve with your health (my sister in law suffers something a bit similar so I realise a little bit how awful it is) - don't stop fighting for better medical care!

I would love for you to reconsider, and stay, but understand your decision entirely.

Take care of yourself and all your beatiful cats!

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Bundy, Don't go! Your posts are always so witty and I can't imagine you could offend anyone! I understand you are doing what is best for you, but I will miss reading your posts. I hope you feel better soon, and will come back to TCS at some time in the future.
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Hate to see you go.
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You know my feelings....check your email!

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Leslie, please stay! I love reading your posts. The Cat Site just wouldn't be the same without you here!
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I just wanted to say that I'm sorry to see you go.

I ABSOLUTELY adored the pix of Amy & her babies. Thank you so much for sharing them & giving me a kitten fix. I wish you & all of your furbabies well.
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If you leave you will have given them what they wanted and it will hurt the rest of the lot. We will support you and close ranks. Please consider.

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I am so sorry that you are leaving. I have always enjoyed reading your posts and looking at all the pictures. I am with everyone else on this, I think you should reconsider.
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I would rather not see you go from here but have the benefit of being able to keep in contact in person anyway
Do listen to what the others have said here though. It sounds like there are lots more people that want you to stay rather than those who'd like to see you go.
You are just letting the small-minded uptight people who seriously need to lighten up and get a life win by leaving.
Just ignore people like that, tell them to get stuffed and don't let them get to you like this.
I'm sure I've probably become the new victim of the dislike and complaining lately...so you should be home free anyway...LOL
Anyway, do what you think is best for your health right now, look after yourself and get better!
You know my phone number and email of course
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I also hate to see you go. I hope you will miss us and come back. I know I can be tactless sometimes, and I sincerely hope that I was not one of those that made you feel unwelcome. Please reconsider leaving us completely. Several of our members, including myself, have gotten fed up at some point and taken a break. Even hissy left us once! Whatever you decide, best of luck to you!
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Leslie, I would be very sorry to see you go. Please re-consider.

I am not sure what you are referring to really. In the threads I have seen you post I could see nothing but love and support given back to you. If someone is PM'ing you or sending you nasty emails, the solution is simple - block them and ignore them. If you feel there was a problem in the open discussions on the board, then by all means I want to know about it - please email me or PM me. I would appreciate if you can do this, even if you decide to leave after all.

Stay well and strong!
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Aw don't leave, just ignore the ignorant people out there, they aren't worth the worry. If you leave I'll have to get all of us together, invade your house and drag you back

If you do decide not to come back then good luck in the future, but I bet you'll miss us and return in no time

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Oh Leslie - what's happened? Maybe I'm thick or summat, but I haven't noticed any sniping or bitching going on at you. Everyone loves you, you're great fun, quick witted, a realy sweetie and a hoot to have around.

As everyone says - if you go then the BAD PEOPLE have won. I'll PM you with my email address so even if you decide to throw it in coming here, then you can keep in touch.

Good luck m'dear loads of love, and wishes of health and happiness coming your way - WE'LL MISS YOU!
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Leslie, please don't go. So some people may not understand your sense of humor or find what you say offensive. I can say for myself that I've always looked forward to your posts-I love your sense of humor, and when I'm having a bad day at work, yours are among those I read to cheer me up. There are so many small-minded people out there, and I've found they are often the most vocal. Those who like you and enjoy you and want you here don't feel the need to speak up about it, but maybe we should have. From reading these posts, I can tell what an integral part you've become of this community. All that have posted will miss you greatly if you decide to leave.

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Ack Leslie...you will be missed You know where to contact me. Such a shame.
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LESLIE - WE'LL MISS YOU!!!!!! I would say "don't go" and try to talk you into staying...but you'll do what's best for you. I have no idea what happened and must have missed something...

But to all the others posting here, I would have to guess that while we're really enjoying having Leslie around - I guess she's just generally getting headaches from it.

I AM worried about your health, sweetie. Is there ANY chance that you're having a bout of depression - that is maybe affecting your perception of what's been going on here? There are just too many of us that love you and will miss you.

If there's anything I or any of us can do, PLEASE let us know????

Sending lots of love and hugs and smiles.

Just remember - if you decide to leave (and you CAN change your mind!!!!! - you'd make a lot of people very happy!), you're always welcome back. ANY TIME. No exlpainations necessary.

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Leslie, I do hope that you will reconsider, but I understand if you can't. Prehaps, like KrazyKat suggested, you could take a break and see what happens?

Many, many of us love you here, and if this thread is any indication, many people enjoy hearing what you have to say. I know that loads of us love all those pics of your beautiful kitties! Obviously, I have no idea who ever said what, but I know that the majority of people here enjoyed you being a part of our little corner of the net.

You will definitely be missed terribly. Take care of yourself.
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If someone has been sending you PMs of a nasty nature then the admin should be informed. We don't need nasty people here, we get enough of that in real life. Whoever is upsetting you should be banned perminantly.
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bundy, dont' go! I like to read your posts and when I have the time, stick my goofball comments in there. PLEASE DON'T GO!!!!!! I'll miss your cool accent! LOL!
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I FORBID YOU TO LEAVE! Please! How else will I be able to keep in touch with you as much as I do now! No matter what you decide, I am always here for you and I will catch up with you on Instant messanger. You better still send me pics of the babies and Tat!

We love you here and we will miss you!
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Hang in There!
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I know we don't know each other, well, at all. But your posts have always been thoughtful and funny, and down right cute. I hope that you can reconsider, and stay with the forums. The best to you no matter what you decide.
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