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Nervous parent.. something's wrong with Raleigh

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I came home today and my kitten greeted me at the door. Normally my older cat, Raleigh (she turned 2 today) comes right behind her, wanting my attention. Today, she didn't.. I called for her, and she still didn't come. I found her laying right inside our bedroom door. I stroked her head, but she didn't seem like she cared.. usually I can meow to her and she will "talk" back, but she didn't do that either. I tried to pet her a little more, and she just shifted around. Then the kitten came up and annoyed her, so she got up and walked away, but wouldn't let me touch her anymore. I had to run some errands after that, so when I came home, she was back laying in the same spot. Still not enthused to see me... at one point she did get up, and was walking funny... not limping, but looked like she had a hard time with her back end. I really don't think she's been run over. The kitten came up to her and she just hissed, and seemed in pain when I tried to touch above her tail.

This part gets a little gross, sorry... Friday there was a little blood on some stool in the litter box, and Sunday morning there was some pea-green vomit on the floor, both of which I attributed to the kitten. When I didn't see any more blood throughout the weekend, then I really thought it was just the kitten, who maybe had a big BM, causing the small amount of blood. Now I'm thinking they both could have been from Raleigh... but Raleigh acted fine last night, and has been acting ok. She went outside for a while yesterday while I was out, not sure if something happened then or not... I am calling the vet first thing in the morning, but I don't know when they will get to see her... any thoughts on what this might be, or anyone had a similar situation? Thanks in advance...
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Sorry, I really don't know. There are a million reasons why there could be blood in the stool. For one of our kitties, it's because he has a kind of colitis, and he's on a special diet.

Whenever there is a change in a cat's behavior, it's always best to call the vet, even if there are no visible signs of illness. It's the only way they have to communicate that there is a problem.

Our cat, Tuxedo, would have died had we not gotten him to the vet even though the only thing different we could see was that he wasn't as active, and whenever we entered a room, instead of staying or playing, he would get up and leave. It turns out he has an autoimmune disease where his body thinks his blood is a virus, and he was becoming very anemic. It took over a year of hard work on all our parts to turn it around, and there were a few very close calls along the way.

I'd make that vet appointment for as soon as possible, and I'd take Raleigh to get a full exam and full blood work-up. If you can collect a sample of her poop, I'd take that too. (I know, following them around to see who pooped and who peed isn't fun, but the vet can usually get a pee sample pretty easily but poop isn't as easy).

Best wishes, and hope whatever's ailing Raleigh will be easy and quick,

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I would recommend a vet visit as well, I think you're right to think something's wrong. It might not be very serious, but if your "parental instincts" are going, something is up. It could be as simple as shedding season causing hairballs that are upsetting her stomach, or some constipation, but I wouldn't take the chance. Good luck, I know its worrying when our babies aren't feeling well.
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Get thee to thy vet! If the red flag is raised regarding your kitty, take heed and find out what's wrong.

Keep us posted!!

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A bit of good news.. this morning when my alarm clock went off, Raleigh jumped into bed and wanted petting, just like always... She was also eating when I left for work. I came home to a few small piles of vomit, which looks like it's mostly food. She has an appointment to go see the vet tomorrow afternoon... My husband (who works out of town) told me last night that he rolled a furry mouse in a good bit of catnip while he was home Saturday, and so now we're wondering if maybe that has something to do with it... anyone ever had a cat get sick from catnip?
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