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Ok, shots... Vaccinating, -do it yourself kind-

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Well, my mom said that we might vaccinate the babies. Which we should.. And worm them. Before they go to their new homes, but on the do-it-yourself vaccines which would be the best?

We shop at Tractorsupply.com But we actually go to the store to get them. But I am wondering what would be the best one to vaccinate the babies?

Heres what we got Lucky, and Hunter to vaccinate them...


But there are more on there, which would be the best? Thank you for reading!

P.S. We might have someone inerested in Tosca!!!
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I wouldn't vaccinate an indoor cat for Feline Leukemia. It's unnecessary for indoor cats, IMO.

One problem with doing it yourself, is when the new owner takes the kitten to the vet and says "they've had their shots". The vet may want to do it again anyway, since there will be no official documentation from a vet proving that the vax have been done.

If you do decide to do it, you may want to look at this page (scroll down for feline info)


It mentions the standard locations to give the vaccines and which ones are "core" vaccines. Most vets are giving the vax in the legs now, rather than the area between the shoulderblades, like they used to. The reason is the risk of VAS (vaccine associated sarcoma - i.e. cancer). If a sarcoma forms in the leg, the leg can be amputated to save the cat...whereas the shoulder/back area poses a big problem for successful sarcoma removal. I'm sorry to sound so dramatic. There's more info about VAS here

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Its ok. Your just trying to help me. Thanks! So give it in the leg? eek, Hunter hated that! lol, no one said he would like it! lol
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That's cool, thanks. You know, I thought about it after I said it...I spaced out the fact that little kittens normally get a "series" of shots anyway. I guess the lack of records is something to keep in mind for adult cats, though. Just tell Hunter it's for his own good.
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I know that the vet that I volunteered for back home would not accept any self-vaccinated animals - he revaccinated them. He says this is because vaccines are very temperature sensitive, and people just don't handle them right - they leave them on the table top for awhile and they warm, etc. Even if you did it all right, you don't know what the feed store you got them from did to them before you got them. So that's just something to think about.
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i dont have any information for you , but i just wanted to say , i have never heard of self vaccinating? and i know my vets and the rescue will revaccinate if no proff of a vet card is shown.
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I just wanted to mention... I also give my animals shots myself, but I get them from the vet... I used to work for the vet so he sells them to me for about $4 each. The kittens will definitely need to be wormed, but please don't use wormer that you'll find at the pet store or supermarket. My vet says that they don't work at all. I made that mistake ONCE a long time ago, I wormed a puppy with something I got at the farm store. A week later I woke up and she was extremely sick, I rushed her to the vet and she had three different types of worms, and the vet said if it had been another day longer she probably would have died. He asked if I had wormed her and I told him what I used. He said it absolutely does not work. I now use Panacur, which I get at the vet. For enough wormer to worm two large dogs, two small dogs, 10 cats... and give it three days in a row... and still have a bit left over, I pay about $5. Of course, prices are different depending on where you are, but it still shouldn't cost very much.
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also womer from the vets is much cheeper then over the counter stuff belive it or not.
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Do not worm the kittens with over the counter wormers - you don't know if or what kind they may have. And I would NOT vaccinate with the leukemia vaccinations. First shots should be killed vaccines - not modified live.

I'd take the kittens to the vet for 1st shots and checked for worming. Then you have proof for the new owners that they were given 1st shots.
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