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Cammie is so sore from the steriod shot

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Any suggestions for a sore muscle, Cammie got steroid shot yesterday and today she does not feel good at all and she's limping She doesn't want to eat either I feel so bad for her, this is the last one she will be getting, the Vet convinced me that they really do help but each time she has gotten them this is what happens, I know she will be OK but I feel bad for her.
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I'm not sure there's an awful lot you can do - the soreness is caused by crystals forming in the muscle around the injection site (a common side-effect of steroid injections) and they do cause pain, but should be gone within a couple of days. I think the best thing you can do is put everything where she can get to it easily until she has better use of the muscle. I hope she feels better soon.
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Epona has given great advice. Tuxie has to get a steroid shot about every three months. Sometimes they give him problems, sometimes they don't. But there isn't much to do but wait it out.

and hope Cammie's feeling better soon!

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does a warm pack help? maybe a heated up rice sock for her to snuggle on? Poor Cammie! It is aweful when our kitties just feel crummy.
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Poor Cammy.

When Cindy got a steroid shot, it raised a huge lump at the injection site that lasted for well over a month (with the vet telling us it was normal, just watch it, make sure it doesn't get bigger, etc.). Finally we made an appointment to have it removed and checked. Before the appointment, we had to give her antibiotics. The day before we were to take her for the operation, the lump disappeared (I think because of the antibiotics).

I'm not convinced steriod shots are a good thing. I won't let them give Cindy any more, I'll tell you that. I think that shot was also responsible for her case of chin acne, which showed up right after that shot. And, knock on wood, she hasn't had since.

I hope Cammy is feeling better. It sure is hard to see our babies not feeling well, isn't it.
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