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New pics of my babies

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Here are my 2 spoiled kids.
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oh cute, is that a regualar sleeping spot or have they taken over a linen cupboard.

~Mine like to sleep in the baby's vest drawer.

I love the ginger one. I am still going to get a ginger one day. Hubby just does not know yet.
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Brenda! They're beautiful, but you're so right; they are spoiled. And why not?
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And one of Faile when she was little.
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Spike, Over the summer they both liked to sleep on that empty bookshelf. We were going to put books on it, but the cats had other ideas.

Molly, the ginger one, is on my lap right now. She is always ready for a snuggle, but we sometimes have to force the other one to let us cuddle her!

Jeanie, Yes, they do deserve to be spoiled. They add so much happiness to my life, they deserve the best.
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That's too cute! They look like bunk beds. And of course you have nice soft blankets, so they don't have to lie on the hard wood.

My apartment has towels, old sweaters, pillows all over the place - it looks odd, but those are all of Sam's favourite perches.
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It does look like kitty bunk beds...hmmm, perhaps a new marketing idea! LOL They are both beautiful. You're right, they do deserve to be spoiled. All of them deserve to be spoiled. At least that's what I tell myself since mine are both spoiled rotten! :tounge2:
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I never thought of kitty bunk beds! The towels were Dan's idea, Molly started sleeping on the shelves, so we had to cushion it properly.

I have a wool sweater laying on the floor of my bedroom because Faile likes to sleep on it. I probably won't even wear it this year since it's her bed. And who is in charge of this household? I know it's not anyone with just 2 legs.
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Oh they are so sweet!!! and the pic is just too cute!!
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Great pics Brenda. I love the idea of kitty bunk beds!
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So where do you keep your books - in the cat beds! LOL! That is so sweet having little bunk beds - do they always sleep on the same "bunk" or do they alternate?
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They alternate, although they haven't slept on the shelves for awhile. Faile now chooses the bean bag, and Molly likes the sofa and the radiator cover by the kitchen window.
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Absolutely adorable!!!
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