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How much food do your kitties get each day?

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We have an automatic dry food feeder, and it took us a while to get the right amount for the 3 girls, and Smudgey was doing most of her growing so eating like a horse, but we've settled to a good amount now.

It dispenses 2 x 1/4 cups twice a day, so a cup of food total between the 3 girls each day, and they generally have some left over. If the bowl gets empty, I generally put a bit extra in for them.

They also get half a tin of the small tins of cat food each evening. It works out to be about a large spoonful each for Smudge and Lily - Stumpy doesn't really care about wet food.

Our neighbour was amazed because their cat gets a little under 3/4 of a cup of dry food each day - and she scoffs it all down like she's starving

Our girls are all about 8lbs and pretty active.

What do your kitties get?
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Duke and Sibohan get a total of 1 cup dry food between them every day, most of the time they don't eat it all. and they both get a tablespoon of wet at dinner time.
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Pickle gets 4 small hanfuls of dry food a day, but she often goes out to play with her cat friends! She always come back hungry. When she had worms she was eating about 9 large handfuls of food a day, Fatty!
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Skye gets 2 1/2 cans of wet a day and 1 cup of dry. Sometimes she gets more dry if she eats it all but most of the time she doesnt. The kittens eat 3 cans of wet food and 3 cups of dry a day. I have little piglets.
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I attempted to free feed Princess (5 months old) when I first got her, but she gulped her food down too quickly and kept throwing up. So, now I feed her at intervals. I try to still feed her as much as she wants, but I find if I give her food every single time she wants it she really eats a LOT of food!!

So, I think I feed her a half handful about 5 times a day. She gets no wet food and gets about 5 or 6 tiny treats a day.

I don't know if that is a lot or not, but she isn't fat.. she's got a little bulge, but she's still young, and I'm watching it.
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For Charlie size he is meant to have 3/4 cup of dry food a day, but he doesn't eat it all he just nibbles, so whenever the bowls empty just top it up with that 3/4. Ive had a discussion with mum about filling the bowl full, because Charlie is a little chunky. He gets 1/3 - 1/2 a can of whiskas (small can not big can) he used to finish of Jasmines food so he has to get used to having a normal amount now!
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My boys share 1 cup each day, & they usually don't eat all of it. They also get 2 pouches of wet food a day - one in the morning, and one in the evening. They both would rather eat wet than dry anyways.
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I've never really trust the recommended feeding amounts... If I fed what was recommended, and the kitties actually ate all that, they'd be such porkers!
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
I've never really trust the recommended feeding amounts... If I fed what was recommended, and the kitties actually ate all that, they'd be such porkers!

Jazzy and Charlie never ate the recomended amount of dry food, theres always some in the bowl. But wet food is another matter, Jazzy was picky and didnt eat as much, Charlie polishes off his wet food and finishes hers off as well. Heck i was slicing up a kg of raw roast to turn into steaks the other day, never have i seen a cat stretch so far up against the bench for food! lol
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My wet food eaters get 6oz a day...but some of them don't finish theirs at every meal.

My 2 boys that get only raw eat 4oz a day.

Precious, who can eat and eat and never gain an ounce because of her heart condition - gets as much wet food as she wants, anywhere between 5-8oz/day.
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I don't measure Trouts food, but she takes about 3 days to eat a full bowl of food. She is not a big eater...I guess thats why she is so dainty
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Demetri eats under 1/4 dry a day and 2x100g raw plus a chicken neck every other day.
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Ginger and Ferris split 2/3 cup of dry a day, sometimes less than that, plus they each get a 2.75 ounce pouch in the evenings. Sometimes they finish the wet, sometimes they don't.
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24 cats they eat all the dry they want(average about 90 lbs of adult food and 5 lbs of rx cd) one cat eats just wet(3 5.5 oz cans a day) and between the rest they get 8 5.5 cans a day) i gave up on planned dry feedings long time ago-keeps them happy/tired if food is around all day and less prone to start trouble
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Misty splits a half can 5 1/2 oz for breakfast and dinner, she also has dry food all day.
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Gracie and Leo right now are eating 1/2 a can of wet and 1/4 cup of a grain-free dry we're trying. Both of them are pushing it as far as weight goes, but aren't overweight at this point.

Raphael gets anywhere from 1 can to 1.5 cans of food depending on how his little tummy feels and how active he's been. His weight is fine...I wouldn't be upset if he either gained or lost a little. He's maintaing now, so this system works currently
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