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Am I being selfish

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a few nights ago I went out to my garage to get away from my daughters tantrum and I found a little stray kitten hiding in there, he will come near me but scoots away if I try to pick him up, he looks to be about 2 or 3 months old, my neighbors 10 year old daughter is trying to get him used to her, it kind of makes me mad that she is doing that, since he is in my garage he is unofficialy my cat not hers, am I being selfish to want the kitten to like me first? I asked around the block and he dos'nt belong to anyone and he is to little to have wandered over from farther away so I figure he must have been dropped off.
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I would let the kitten decide who to go with. A good trick to influence his decision is to give him treats rather than pick him up.
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Whoever the kitten winds up with- it should be taken to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated so whoever is the best equipped to provide proper medical care/ a good home for it in my opinion should be the one who adopts it
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I am glad that someone is trying to take care of the little kitten.

Please let us know what happens with it.
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