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New kitten... need names

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Hey everyone! I just adopted a new kitten this morning from the shelter. He's just the cutest little short haired black boy - and so sweet. When I picked him up he tucked his head under my chin and started purring like a madman They had him listed as 8-12 weeks... but I think I'd put him closer to 12. I don't have any pics yet because he's still at the shelter waiting to be neutered (county law - not allowed to leave the shelter until he's fixed no matter what age), but he should be coming home either thursday or friday.

So I need name help I don't want a typical 'black cat' name like midnight, spooky, etc. I much prefer weirder names... like a goldfish I once knew named Spike.. that always cracked me up. So something a little off beat would be perfect.

Pics to come asap... promise!
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Congradulations on your new kitty!! Here are some names that i just though of.

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my favorite pet name website - has a search feature, too!
need the perfect name for a new pet?
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What about these


Congrats on finding the perfect kitty!!!
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Congratulations on the new baby boy I cant wait to see pics!!!
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my first two black cats were smokey and abby. then i started get oddly cute names...hershey ducky and beans! lol
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I like Merlin or Corwin
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Tarbaby, Tornado, Turbo, Snowman (opposite)
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(hoping this goes through... my internet has been up and down all day )

I really like Merlin! Abernathy cracks me up too. All these names rock! I tried to run some of them past DH, but he doesn't want to hear them until he gets to meet the new baby. Gosh I'm so impatient. I want him here now!
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Here are a few:

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I need to see the kitty first to see what name he looks like
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Usually I do too, but I'm just so impatient! I really wanted him to come home today and then they said thursday or friday. Oy! I thought I was going to faint! Waiting for a new kitten is *torture*!

So I thought I'd try some names on for size to ease the waiting a bit
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I don't have any useful suggestions for a kitten name, but I LOVE your user name. I've always had a weakness for for "assorted" animals- I will have to start informing people that my pets have a very dignified muttigree!
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Aw shucks, thanks!

I can't take total credit for the name... When I adopted Karma from the shelter one of the gifts they gave in her goodie bag was a bumper sticker that said 'Adopt a Muttigree!' and it kind of stuck. Wish they still had them since I got rid of that car...

But I hear you... I'm proud of my furkids' distinguished muttigrees too!
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If you want something about:

Killer (my old neighbor had a little rat dog they named Killer! Sweetest little dog, and I always cracked up when I called her name!)
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I just got a call from the shelter. He can come home early!! I'm leaving to pick him up now

Pics asap I promise!
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I've heard of a black cats with "opposite" names such as Snowy, Frosty, Ghost, Casper, etc.
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Originally Posted by MuttigreeMom View Post

I just got a call from the shelter. He can come home early!! I'm leaving to pick him up now

Pics asap I promise!
omg that's so great! How exciting

Once we see the pics (which I'm assuming you will post right away ) then we can help figure out a name. I can't wait to see him!
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Woo, I can't wait or the pictures! And while I'm here, I may as well list off a couple names:

Oobleck (sorry, I couldn't help it!! )
Dill Pickle (Dill for short. It isn't that bad of a name, actually... Dill!)

Never mind, feel free to ignore my list... I'm feeling a bit giddy right now. Congratulations on new the kitty, though!
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He's home, but the poor thing is absolutely petrified It took him about 20 minutes to take his claws out of my shoulder But now he's still on my lap purring his little heart out. I'll give him a little longer to calm down and then I'll start snapping pics!

Oh my gosh he's so cute!
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New pics are up!
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