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sadly she lost one

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Hi just to say dizzy has finished her labour bless her she had 3 at home and 2 at the vets sadly though she lost number 4 , it was already dead but they were able to save number 5 thank god she's done so well with the others one's as she was so small i was so worried so she's done really well, if i can figure out how to post pictures i will do tomorrow for every one to see
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im sorry about little #4 RIP little one. im happy to hear that the other kittens and mum is doing well.
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Oh Im sorry you lost number 4. RIP baby.

Im so pleased momma and the rest of the babies are doing well. Cant wait to see pics

Emma x x
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Aww, poor baby! At least you have four other kittens and mama kitty to love, though. Oh, and congratulations!
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Poor baby.

RIP little one
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Sorry about #4..RIP little kitty.

Big pat on the back to Dizzy though for getting through the labour and congrats on the safe delivery of the 4 kittens.
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Oh I am sorry about No4 - RIP sweet one

So Dizzy has certainly been through it, bless her give her some special chin rubs from us

How is she & the little ones doing today ?
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such sad news when when you hear of a death of a little kitten bless dizzy and congrats on the new babies x my heartfelt sympathy to you all at this sad time x
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