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Yum...Thanksgiving dinner! MY absolute favorite part of the dinner is the stuffing! My Mom taught me how to make stuffing and I absolutely can't eat it any other way! She uses bacon, sausage, celery, onion and spices, along with the milk, eggs and bread cubes. It is SO delicious!

Mashed potato tip: ...add a little sour cream to the taters when you mash them. Yummy!

Oh I can't WAIT to eat tomorrow! Tryptophan all day long!
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Originally posted by krazy kat2
Deep fried turkey is the best! I had never heard of it until a few years ago. This is what you need-

large turkey, emptied and cleaned thoroughly
any kind of spices you want, but one of them needs to be poultry seasoning
a wire coathanger
sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, corn on the cob
Ranch Dressing, a lot of it
a pot big enough to hold 4 gallons of oil (ours was a witchy-type cauldron, hung from a branch of a big oak tree, using a chain from an engine hoist)
a heat source to get oil boiling (we used a propane heating unit made from an old tire rim)
in place of the 2 above items, a turkey fryer will do
a Chevy pick up with the back cleaned out
many empty Budweiser cases (you can empty them while the oil is heating and turkey is being prepared and fried)
rub the turkey with enough butter to hold the spices on, sprinkle on spices
When the oil is hot enough, take the wire coathanger and bend it around the turkey's legs, leaving the hook intact at the top, drop it in and leave it alone until it floats
go have a beer
line the back of the pick up truck with empty beer cases
have another beer
by then it should be time to cook the veggies by dropping them whole, into the oil with the turkey
have another beer
when all the food is floating to the top of the oil, remove it and lay it on the beer boxes to drain
hang the turkey from the chain for a few minutes to let it drain
have another beer
put the turkey in the back of the truck, and let the soberest person there carve it. Stand around the back of the truck, dip everything in the Ranch Dressing.
Give thanks that you got to spend a beautiful day outside with all your best friends. That was the best Thanksgiving I ever spent!
That was great!!!! I think I would love that thanksgiving turkey...except I would be too drunk to eat it!! :LOL:
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Only a few months until Thanksgiving. I'm giving this a bump and offering an additional suggestion for the deep-fried turkey: Inject beer into the Turkey before you fry it. We had that last year and it was delicious! Our recipe was pretty close, although we didn't serve it in the back of a chevy pick-up - only had a Bronco with us. LOL
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