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Fighting vs Playing

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How can we tell if our cats are fighting or playing? I have a feeling they are playing since neither one is hissing or making noise...it usually starts by the younger one jumping onto the older one and it goes downhill from there. But it gets pretty rough...all out boxing / wrestling matches sometimes. They spend a lot of time together in the evening so I doubt they are fighting but I just wanted to make sure...
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Mine are the same way so I would also like to know.
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it's playing, don't worry Especially since there is no bloodshed! Cats get rough sometimes!Even if they hissed or growled I still wouldn't really worry.
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yes, they're just playing. there's no mistaking a "real" cat fight. if that happens, you'll know it and run for a blanket (a thick one!) to throw over one of their heads. otherwise ski gloves, goggles, and a bullet proof vest are recommended before you try to interfere. :-) the wrestling, batting, etc., are normal "play fighting". it may at times escalate to hissing, growls, one cat jumping on the back of the other and biting the back of the others neck, etc. this is still "play fighting" though, or at worst a mild dispute over "dominance". sometimes after that the cats will be "mad" at each other. they will resolve it in 99% of the cases though. don't worry about it, but for heaven's sake if a "real" cat fight breaks out, be extremely careful. you could be severely injured yourself if you don't know what to do. in this case, i don't think you have anything to worry about though. just let them be.
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Playing... You will know when they are fighting! My cats play very rough too.. They like to scratch each others heads and bite at each other! They love each other very much! I've seen them fight once... My kitten ran into my older cat (causing the older cat to run head on into a window and he was pissed) his tail puffed up and he made crazy noises and dashed at her violently! You will know!
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yup. don't underestimate the damage your kitty can do. you are probably afraid of picking up a wild mouse or squirrel, etc., for fear of being bitten, yet your own cat is capable of inflicting a wound that can land you in the hospital. your kitty has very sharp teeth and a mouth full of bacteria. 80% of cat bites result in an infection. also, i can't stress enough how dangerous it is to try to break up a "cat fight". if it happens, use the blanket, but otherwise be sure to protect your eyes, hands, face, neck, etc. During a real cat fight, your sweet kitty is no longer sweet and you're in danger. If you're not extremely careful, you're likely to be hurt - seriously...
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