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Fur Happiness

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I know we all love pics here, so I took a few more the other day. Enjoy!


Who's a pretty girl?

Helping with laundry (that's a plastic hanger she's pawing at so quickly):

C'mon Abbey, stand still and smile for Meowmy's flashy thing:

Zzz.. wha, you again?

Sleepy Kaeli in "her" spot in bed (more like DH's spot but she wouldn't ever admit to it.)

I gave the belly scritches at least twice an hour all night long!
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Awwwwwww those are 2 beautiful girls!
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Sweet pics!
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They are precious! I love the last two pics!
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lol that's one cuddly tummy
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What gorgeous babies you have, and Kaeli looks so comfy lying there
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Sweet kitty tummies! Don't you just love them? And Abby certainly enjoys playing hard to get!
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Yay for fuzzy bellies!!
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Gorgeous girls
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They are beautiful!
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