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I'm scared one of the kittens might be blind..

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It has been along time since I 've been around a cat haveing kittens, so how long before their eyes open? And I can't get the pic of the kittens to download in this but, I was trying to put a pic of one of the kittens for someone to look at her eyes ,I'm scared she might be blind. They just don't look right to me...
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kittens eyes can open between 7-14 days old.
also welcome to the site
we have loads of experinced members here hope your little ones eyes are ok.
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How old are they? and how many are there? Is she the only one with eyes that don't look right? They will usually open their eyes by time they are two weeks old. My last litter of kittens I raised started opening at 9 or 10 days old and by time they were 16 days they were all mostly open, but still have the blue "haze" to them, they didn't clear and be their color for about 3 or 4 weeks.
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The kittens are 9 days old and the momma was a stray I found or that found me I should say and she is very small I believe her to be around 8 months old. She had 4 kittens and she did well with the delivery but the runt of the bunch her eyes opened at 5 days old and they do not look good to me they are completely open and have been since I saw them. The other baby's eyes are just starting to open in the side, so I 'm alittle concerned for the runt of the bunch... other then that they seem to be doing fine. Thank God!

I would like to post a pic of the kittens and I can't figure it out, can you help me out if not no worries I will figure it out soon enough.
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I guess, IMO, you can wait & see. Or you can take momma & the babies to the vet for a check. I would really be worried & stongly consider a vet visit.....

And I know somewhere there's a thread on how to post pictures, I just can't find it right now!!
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Ya, take momma and babies to the vet. Then you will know for sure, because even with pictures we can't diagnose it. But their eyes open 6-14 days.. Somewhere aroudn then. My babies were late opening their eyes, all but little Chubs, he opened his at 12 days, so don't be too worried if they don't open their eyes at exactly one of these days. But take them to the vet still. Good luck! I don't think that is right, but Tosca opened hers at 16 days old.
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My rex kittens started opening eyes at 5 days old...but sometimes when they first open its not uncommon for them to get a bit "sticky". Also they really cannot "see" right away - not clearly so it might be why you think the kitten is blind.

If there is any problems within a few weeks - then call the vet (maybe have him check the eyes when giving the first shots).
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Any update? Im eager to find out how the little one with the eye issue is... . I hope the little one is ok.
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