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My new baby has arrived

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Thanks to all who helped me to decide on a new baby boy kitten. He arrived today and is the most wonderfull baby, we have called him Timothy.

He made himself at home immediatly and made friends with my one cat Sebastian within hours. The girl, Tigerlily is in hiding and refuses to come out but she will come around it took her about 2 weeks to get used to Sebastian when he arrived.

Here is Timothy with Sebastian.

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LOL. I thought you were talking about a new born kitten! My my, how big you are!!!
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LOL, he is 16 weeks old, and already a big boy.

Sebastian is 6 months old.
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He is adorable! The pic of the 2 of them is just toooo sweet! I hope you have many years of love and cuddles with your new baby.
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What a beautiful baby! I'm sure Tigerlily will come around. You just can't help but love that little face!
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What is the average size for this breed once it's full grown?
I ask because I LOVE big cats. That's what I've mostly had. So I flip out whenever I see a teeny weenie adult! hee hee.
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What cuties! Congratulations! I'm sure you'll have many wonderful years ahead of you with your new baby boy.
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Originally posted by AngelzOO
What is the average size for this breed once it's full grown?
I have read that the males can go from 15 - 20 pounds and the females around 9 - 15 pounds.
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What a beautiful baby, and what a sweet little face!
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My blue bicolor Raggie, Simon, will be 4 months old on Dec. 1st. At his last vet visit, we determined that he'd gained one pound in three weeks! He and your Timothy look to be the same size. We're going to have *very* big boys, you and I!

I'm already scheming about the future addition to our family, once we're living in a house. It'll be either another Raggie or a Tonk.

Take care,

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Are they Ragdolls? They look like my friend's cats, who are Ragdolls, they are so sweet.lkoillllllllllllll

That last bit was my cat Molly trying to type her own message.
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Bren, yes they are ragdolls. I just adore the ragdoll breed, and every other breed come to think of it LOL. Cat mad I am. I really want to have a big ginger boy one day. But I think 3 is enough for now :tounge2:

Jenk, yeah I think we are going to have really big boys, and I believe if you have them neutered they get even bigger. My Sebastian is almost as big as Tigerlily and she is more than a year older than him. And he has not been done yet.

here are the 3 of them



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They are all adorable! Nice coloring...good work mom!

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Brenda, I was wondering if that was some new internet lingo that I hadn't heard yet. LOL Trent already jumped down from my lap so I can't ask him what Molly was saying in her post. :tounge2:

Spike, all of your babies are just beautiful. I see now why you named her Tigerlily with the colors on her face and those eyes.
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gorgeous! simply gorgeous! all 3 of them!
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Your three Raggies are *very* attractive kitties! You make me want to get a second Raggie right this minute! LOL! But we really can't have two cats and two birds in one apartment (and I doubt any other apartment complex would rent to us, having four pets).

But mark my words: Someday I'll have another kitty, most likely a female Raggie to compliment my Simon. But I love the look and description of the Tonkinese. Guess I'll need to have three kitties! I can't wait!

Take care,

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They are all so gorgeous!
Congratulations on the new family member who appears to be settling in very nicely.
Thanks for for sharing these great pictures with us
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Oh I'm so jealous!!! Its not fair!!!!!! I want one!!! (or 10)
They are just sooo gorgeous... absolutely beautiful!!!!
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Thanks !!!

I just had to add this pic that I just took of the 2 boys
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What a beautiful new addition!
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What an adorable pic! Another Caption This! must. Let's see, here's my contribution..."My what a big tongue you have!" :laughing2:
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They are all beautiful! I want one!
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OMG, they are gorgeous!
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Ragdolls are by far the most lovey kitties. Congradualations on your new bundle o fur! They are really beautiful!
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:laughing: That's adorable... he looks like he's thinking: "Look at that dirty ear! - Lick!"
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What beautiful cats!!!
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