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Hi Guys,

Long time no speak!

I have a quick couple of Q's.

Why do some cats stand there and just meow at you!!

Okay, Ive fed her, watered her, played with her, snuggled her. But she still comes up and meows, and i mean LOUDLY!! Can someone who understands cat talk, please tell me what my Purdita wants!!

She's done this since I got her, and she's now 5 months old. She's really tiny still, but eats like a horse!

She is part Burmese, so Im told, could this be why?

Also, she insits on sleeping on my head at night, paws right over my eyes! If I push her off, she just comes right on back up again (Annoys the hell out of hubby!) I think she's in love with me! I just wish I could get a pic of her doing this, as It would be great for the caption forums!


Neesey xx
PS: Here she is!
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Well some breeds/mixed breeds are known for being very vocal, there might not actually be something that she wants, more so that she just feels like talking.
She is still only 5 months, most cats will grow out of the 'sleeping on your head' behavior, but not all. Does she have her own little kitty bed? Even though I know it's not the same, sense your not there!

I don't know much about Burmese, so I can't tell you anything about that. If you've given her everything she wants, and you've fed her till she's satisfactory full, then I don't know.
Some cats are just needy.

Did she recently have a playmate that passed away, or moved, or did she loose a favorite toy?
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Trent is sometimes like that. He just meows and is a needy kitty. He isn't like this all the time, and usually he just wants more and more and more attention or play. Sometimes we can give it to him, sometimes he just gives up and sulks for a bit. Sometimes he just tires himself out being a whiney boy. He is a bit, ok a lot, spoiled so that could explain some of it. Purrdita may just want her mommy, or she may just want to talk. Sometimes I just talk back to Trent, acknowledge that I hear him and I'm seeing him and that's enough.

That is so cute how she sleeps! Of course, I can say that since I don't have kitty paws over my eyes all night. I noticed my kitties changed their sleeping habits as they got older, so like Angel said she may grow out of it.

Thanks for sharing a pic of her. She is so pretty. Good to see you again, too.
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I think Snowball is similiar to Trent, he also meows when he wants attention. Some days he seems to need a little more attention than others and he lets us know.
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What a little beauty! I concur with the others about sleeping habits changing. Hopefully for the better! Fred used to sleep beside my feet, but now he has to sleep on top of me. It doesn't matter what side is up. He will sleep on my back, my chest, or either side. If I roll over, he goes right with me. I wish I could break him of that, because he has a knack for laying on the spot to make it the least comfortable for me. He is 14 years old, and senile, according to his vet, so I try to tolerate it as much as I can. If you have an old shirt you can put your scent on, sometimes they will sleep on that. I take dirty clothes out of the hamper and put them in a basket. He will usually go there after I can't stand it any more and dump him on the floor. He is the only one of many cats over the years that has really been a problem after they grew up a little.
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Balie used to sleep on my head up until about a year or so ago (when he was 4 - Neesey, you've a way to go yet then)!! He also used to make a nest in my hair, kneading it - so I'd wake up in the the morning looking like Medussa!

Maybe Purdita is just an affectionate cat, maybe she's a bit insecure, maybe as the others say, she just loves her mummy and likes to chatter with you.

Have you found a new home for your puppy yet?

Oh, I forgot to say, Purdita is one pretty, pretty kitty!
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There's a wonderful line from a song about a cat "meowing out of conversation." Perhaps that is what she's doing when she seems to be meowing for no apparent reason. I have a few who can definitely keep up their end of a chat!
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Ivo likes to talk a lot, too. Sometimes, she's just saying "hi" as she passes through the room. Other times she'll sit at my feet and just carry on, and these times I think she's actually having a conversation with me. When I get home, she's saying "Where have you been? I missed you! Did you bring me any bags to play with? What's out in the hallway? Hey, stop ignoring me!" I talk to her frequently, so I think that's why she's so talkative back. It's taken a while, but I think I understand most of what she is saying.

BTW-Purdita is gorgeous! What a pretty girl!
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Yola, I'm laughing so much at the thought of you with Medussa hair!!
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