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Look a Wheel!

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What's this?

OMG it moves!


Let me out!

Lucky's staring at Benson like he is crazy in the background.
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Thats too funny!! Lucky is sitting back playing it safe in the distance!
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hahahaahaha! now Lucky have the enterely home for him in order Benson is in Jail!...
what a funnie kitty!...
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Lucky says...

"A-ha! You fell into my trap Benson! I shall now steal all your toys! "
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Lol! How adorable! That is the very reason Baxter is terrified of Laundry baskets.
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And that is why I do not have round laudnry baskets!
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awww, Benson....

I'll have to make time to post my clothes hamper pics.....
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OMG Poor Benson
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Looks like Benson got in a little over his head..
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Hehe - Benson, you silly man!

Diesel does the same thing with our wash basket
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He must have seen the video of Nial's bengals on their wheel.
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that's too cute!
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