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Fight for the Window

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Look a birdy!

No Lucky, it's my turn!

But I don't wanna get down.


Mom! Molly won't share!

Haha I won!

I'll get you back Lucky!

Ahhh! I love the sun on my face!

I think I see a bunny rabbit!

(In the last picture you can see the beautiful hole Benson created.)
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what a creative history on picΒ΄s!!!
they looks so lovely!!!
Kitts you must to share your personals spaces!
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Awww, sweeties, take turns! Sharing is caring!

And if you think your screen is bad- mine has holes like that all over, thanks to Harley!
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Awwwwww how sweet ......... at least they called you .. if that were some of mine they would have worked it out between them right then and there
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Awwww look at the little muffins on birdie patrol
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Very cute photos! Don't they each get a window? And lovely cats!
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What a great story with the photos Beautiful kits you have
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aww bird-watching, one of cats many favourite pastimes, well after sleeping
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Cats are so happy when the get to sit in a sunny window, looking down on the world.
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Great pictures
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So funny, love the captions, that's exactly the way cats act, isn't it, those crazy cats.
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You know I just guessed that he saw a bunny rabbit by the look on his face. The next night I saw there is a bunny out there. BTW the last picture is now working.
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Great pictures with perfect captions...
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