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My new babies...Im addicted!

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So on Mothers Day I brought home two new kittens. Trotter and Cali....We are now at a 4 cat household and fostering other kittens for my mom to help get their eyes better!!!!

The white one is Trotter and the calico is Miss Cali...She is Daves baby girl and sleeps under the covers with him and just adores him. Right now tho shes sleeping on my lap!!!
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They are so cute!
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Welcome to TCS, little ones!
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oh my they are so cute! Their poor little eyes look stuck shut....
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So cute... cali kind of looks like a wee version of my Nollee! Awww too cute! I want a kitten!
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You've got a big heart!!! I wish we had a bigger place and that we didn't have to pay $200 for each cat we bring to the apartment. I would love to foster kitties!
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Aweee so sweet!

More pics more pics!
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Awww love little Trotter's Brown Patched Tabby markings - especially the spot of brown tabby on her back.

And calicos are one of my fav colors.

Our two calico barn cats were named Cali and Kelly
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Awww! They are just adorable!
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maybe it's my monitor, but is Trotter also a tri-color? to me those patches look very orangey & black...
they're both just cute as the dickens, tho!
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Yes, Trotter would be a Brown Patched Tabby, meaning she has 3 colors - Brown Tabby, Red Tabby and the white
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Trotter looks just like her mommy. Ive never had a white cat before so I had to fix that of course..LOL...And Cali was the only surviving calico out of 4 that were born so I refused to let my mom keep her at the barn. In that pic they were sleeping Trotter just has dark spots in the corners of her eyes but she still gets cleaned out regularly even tho she wasnt having problems. Calis eyes have gotten drastically better and now dont get stuck shut after sleeping for a while. Fluffernutter my moms kitten that I have is still a little goopy but getting better. Right now they mostly just get runny when they are tired. But I keep cleaning them about every hour or two as long as I can wrangle them up. Cali runs and hides when she sees me with a wash clothe..LOL
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They are beautiful!
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Aww what beautiful little kitties, such beautiful faces
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They are gorgeous. Kittens are such fun.
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O my, they are just soooo PRECIOUS, such cuties
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Just adorable
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Did they have cat flu, just wondered why their eyes were gluggy. Sorry if its a silly question
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What a couple of cutie kitties!
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So cute!
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