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New job vibes...I hate my job now!

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Ok, here's the situation. I've worked at the call center for over 2 years. And, I HATE it! THe people are great, I'm just not call center material. We're only allowed 3 absences in a quarter...regarless of reason (sick days don't exsits...even with a doctor's note). If you are more than 5 minutes late, that counts as a 1/4 of an absence. With the dogs running off on me in the mornings, car issues, hubby in the emergency room, and 1 really bad migrane, I'm now at the 3 mark. So, yesterday my supervisor called me into a meeting with the contract manager. They decided since my problem was getting here on time I would have to work the 12:30pm to 9:00pm shift until the end of June. The employees usually cycle through and get that shift once every 6-7 weeks. I hate that shift.

Now, I know I was terrible about attendence this quarter, but they don't take into account what is going on. I know I'm being punished, but still....being in the emergency room with you husband until 5:00 am and accidently sleeping in...that couldn't be taken into account? I can't take a day off unless it is approved, and getting an approved day in spring/summer is impossible (people put their requests in 3 months in advanced and only 5 people can have that day off approved. My contract has over 100 people!). Then...to just add to my frustration, I only went full time because DH took another job and isn't eligible for health insurance until Oct. I signed up for insurance end of Feb. Still haven't gotten my cards. Called yesterday (after finally getting the phone number from HR...they are NO help!) and blue cross/blue shield didn't even have me in their system! I went to HR to see if I could just cancel the insurance and get reimbursed (over $500 for 2 months!) and she said no...I signed a contract. I said BC/BS doesn't even know that I exsist...isn't the contract with them? No, it's with my employer, who hasn't seen fit to send the paperwork to BC/BS, but they're still taking money out of my check.

Bottom line is I am ready to quit! I am suppose to start working for my husband's boss doing billing and reopening their t-shirt screen printing business, but I wasn't supposed to start until June or July. DH is trying to get in touch with him today to see if I can start earlier. Like...next week.

Just need lots of crossed fingers and paws that I can actually go into work sometime soon and say "C-ya!".

Sorry this is so long...I just REALLY needed to vent!
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Oh hun- I know how it feels to hate your job, but chin up - better things are out there for you, I just know it!! Best of luck!
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It dosn't sound like the right place for you. I am at the same point where I'm working. It will get better once your out of that situation. I mean with so many employees can they really take a vested interest in your wellbeing?
I think Not!
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That's the issues with call centers though. Part of the last place i worked at was a call center and the manager was really strict. She was a little lenient (Especially if the person went to her boss...who was more understanding), but she made you pay in some other form. So glad that I didn't work in her department.

Basically just keep your chin up until you can find a new job.
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Sending many vibes for getting another BETTER job}}}}{{{{
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Good luck Im sending you good vibes! Get out of the call center... LOL I work in one and I am going through some bs too (I am a receptionist and do csr for one of our accounts)! Your job is not worth all this stress... Time to move on! Here our schedule is very flexible fortunatley! I think your attendance issue is no big deal... We had two girls miss 50 days a piece last year because of medical/health issues! They can't give a little sympathy to an emergency room visit? Employees should be praised and appreciated because without them the company wouldn't exist (as long as the employee isn't taking the company for granted or taking advantage of certain situations)! I hope the new job works out well for you!
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Oh you poor thing! I know exactly how you feel! I'm so over my job right now - it's not what I was hoping it to be, and my coworkers are AWESOME people, but the big boss is so moody and not a very good manager - the entire team hates her management style (or lack thereof). Generally she yells and blames first, then finds out what happened later.

Problem is I'm almost 5 months pregnant - changing jobs at the moment is kinda hard, and DH has said he'd prefer I wasn't working rather than stressing myself and the baby out (he knows my boss and understands the problem), but I LIKE working, I just don't want to be working here at the moment - I'm too hormonal and exhausted to deal with this crap! I can't see myself in this job long term which doesn't help either...

They were supposed to make me permanent by next month, but they've decided to renew my contract instead, and I'm thinking it's because they don't to pay my maternity leave...

I'm talking to someone today about whether I could transfer elsewhere within the company. If not, one more outburst from my boss and I quit!

So I absolutely feel your pain and send you lots of new job vibes
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