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Delilah's Kittens are Here: Some Concerns

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Hello. On Friday Delilah our Persian had her kittens. She had two of them breech birth so by the last one, she was wore out and I had to take her to the vet. She birthed 4 kittens and has lost 2 of them.

The concerns are that she's not feeling well, she's on amoxi but I'm getting concerned with her behavior. She is a very clean cat but she's dirty and not cleaning herself and now it looks like she's even peeing on herself. The vet says to wait 3-4 days from yesterday but I'm concerned. She's not eating that I can see and barely drinking.

She rejected the last 2 kittens and now I am feeding them. Yesterday they did great and drank like it was going out of style. However all night long they cried and cried despite being fed. The cream boy hasn't sucked for about 5 hours but he's in otherwise good health and gaining weight. The blk/wh boy is doing well but is VERY vocal.. he came out vocal and hasn't stopped at all. The only time he seems to be quiet is when he's a sleep.

Here are pics of the two boys:

Totally sleep deprived here and worried - Charity
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Im so sorry you are having a rough time with her and she is having to go through this.

With what you have just said I would call your vet right now. I would be very concerned for her too. If your vet still wont see her do you have another vet you can get a second opinion from.

Im sorry I cant offer you anymore advice but please keep us informed on how she is and im sure someone else will be along soon.

Oh and I just had a look at your website, You have some beautiful cats.

Emma x x
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Thanks Emma for saying I have beautiful cats. It's really rough right now. We moved into a new area and the one vet is NEVER there and the other - I don't know enough yet but he doesn't do horse stuff which is a BIG problem for me. So I was going to call him back today with a progress report BUT my home phone is fried from the storms and my truck won't start. It's just a really bad morning.
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Oh it really does sound like one of those days lovey......Keep your chin up, you are doing the best you can which is all we can do.

Do the vets have email? worth a try if they do.

What would worry me the most i think is momma not even drinking and the little one who has not suckled for 5 hours. Is everyone warm enough as a cold kitten will not nurse. You could give them a heating pad or maybe make them a rice sock to gently warm them up. I use an old sock filled with uncooked rice and blast it in the microwave for 2 mins.

You can also use a tiny drop of kyro (sp??) syrup to help stimulate the sucking reflex with the baby.

Im sorry I cant do more for you. If i could i would pick you all up and take you to the vets myself!

Emma x x
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I will be taking Delilah and her kitten in the vet today. He's going to keep Delilah and give her some fluids and such. This sure is scary. I don't know if I'm gonna continue with my cattery after this. I've had nothing but bad luck from the woman who gave me cats that were pkd positive and the two that lost their kittens to now Delilah. I'm afraid we're losing the cream boy now too. He's not sucking and that's NOT like him... he's the biggest and hardiest of them all!
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Aw I hope Delilah and the little ones are soon better and back with you, you sound like you're having a rough time and the cats are lucky to have you.
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Thanks. I'm soo worried right now and fretting. I'm getting ready to head to the vets now.

Prayers needed for my Babies.
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I will keep you all in my thoughts and I will wait to hear how it goes.

Good luck.

Emma x x x
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We just lost the little cream boy. I just don't understand it at all. He was the biggest and healthiest looking.
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Im so sorry you are having such a rough time.

You must be feeling really hurt and angry right now.

RIP Little one....

How is momma doing??
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The vet said she seems to be better when I had called at 5 pm. He said he'll call me tomorrow morning. I'm nervous for sure. The last time I had a cat in intensive care... He didn't come home.
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I'm so sorry!! No matter what you try-sometimes it just was not meant to be. I hope Delilah & her one remaining kitten are OK!!
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Oh dear - just caught this thread and very sad to read about the loss of the 3 kittens and Delilah's poor health. My condolences to you at this difficult time .

I have got my fingers crossed here that the vet gives you positive news about Delilah. I'll say a prayer for her and her kitten.

How is the little one? He's back home with you, right?

RIP 3 little kitties.
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I'm sorry dear. Persian breeding at the best of times is never easy. Did your vet suggest tube feeding to make life easier for you?
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Oh, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of the three kittens and to hear that Delilah is at the vets. Prayers go out to you and Delilah and her little kitten.
And to those little babies who didn't make it, Rest In Peace.
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Just an update in case anyone didn't see my other posts - We lost all the kittens. Delilah is at the hospital still and not doing well. She needs prayers.
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My sincere condolences for the loss of the devastating. I am praying for Delilah here. Come on beautiful girl, pull through.....
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