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well, here's a new career for me.

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I just got something quite confusing in the mail today...

It's a post card that starts with "Dear health care professional..." and then tells me I can exchange that postcard for a free ticket to the BODY WORLDS 2 exhibit. That's neat... I'd like to go see that exhibit... but I'm confused as to where they got that I was a health care professional. I just finished my degree in history. Last time I worked full time was in Ontario, and I was an administrative assistant (for an organization concerned with tourism).
What part of that is related to health?

and yes, the postcard is addressed to me. I don't know where they got my address from. All I know is that it's not from the university (because all my university papers have my middle initial, and this doesn't)
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That could have come from anywhere. Perhaps you signed up for a contest at a local store, or a free magazine that required you to fill out information.

It could have also come from your spending habits to. At least in the U.S, often times your name get sold to 3rd party companies (unless you choose to "Opt Out") for a little extra cash on their part. Heck - even those silly "Savings" cards like Petco or the grocery store or the drug store hand out. Based on your purchasing trend, your name is sold to marketing affiliates and they'll send you information on ANYTHING based on what you buy.
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Oops..sorry for the double post. My Internet froze on me.
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well, I looked into it, and the price of admission to that exhibit is $25
So that's a pretty nice gift they (whoever they are) sent me.

Actually, I think it must be Doctors Without Borders. I signed up to give them a monthly donation. That's the only link to health care professionals I can think of.
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Hmmm, snail mail spam?!
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