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The kittens have arrived!!! Need help!!!

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Our cat Babes gave birth at 4 am. I didn't quite know what I was doing. I had to break the sack on one of them. But she did the rest. The first kitten has no tail and half of her front leg is gone. So far she has survived. But she looks like her wounds need to be treated. I can't get a hold of the vet. Does anyone know what I should do? Also I don't know when they are supposed to start nursing. Because they haven't started yet. Thanks so much for all the advice on her pregnancy. It helped so much. I'll take pictures and post them later. THANKS EVERYONE FOR ALL THE GREAT ADVICE!!!
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Tiffany, you need to get all of them to the vet right away. The one with the missing limb needs medical attention right away. If it is not going to survive it needs to be put down in the right manor and not suffer. Yes, the kittens should nurse right away. You need to get them in for fluids and have the vet show you how to nurse kittens.
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Thank you so much for your quick response. I took the broken kitten to the vet and he said she should be fine. He gave me antibiotics for her and all the kittens are nursing now. Precious {the broken kitty} is very strong, and will be the bravest and strongest of them all. She definately has character and already has a new home when she's ready. I will keep you all updated. Thanks again for all your help and advice.

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I am so happy things worked out!! I get so worried about the wee ones. Some people don't realize just how fragile they are. There was a post at one time where the kitten was doing very poorly and the person would "could" not take them to the vet. I love to hear good things like this!! That one kitty is going to be very special I am sure.
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Yes she is very special. We really could'nt afford to take her to the vet, but I knew she needed to be seen if she was going to have a chance of surviving. One of her paws was also scratched and her toe had turned purple. So we rushed her over there. Luckily they are holding my check for a week. The vet only gave me enough antibiotics for two days because they were not very optimistic about her. But I just know that she will be fine. I will go back and get her some more tomorrow. She has no right front leg or tail. But she moves around just like the other kittens, and is very energetic and strong. Her mom is even taking care of her, which the vet thought that she might not after taking a look at her. He said that it looked like she had been chewed on, and that it looked like her leg must have been deformed. So the only thing we can figure is that she must have gotten stuck on the way out, and mom had to chew her leg off and pull her tail off to get her out. I can't see her doing it on purpose, she is so loving to all five kittens. So please pray that she will survive.
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Precious died last night. I checked on them when I woke up and she was gone.
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I'm sorry to heat that. At least she received love and care while she was here. That's a lot more than some cats get. Thank you for caring for her!
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I really fell in love with that kitten even though she was only here a few days. One problem though when I realized she had died I put her in a small box on the bathroom counter (the room where the kittens are at) so I could get my kids ready for school. Well when I went back in later to get her she was gone. The box was still there but no kitten. Momma cat was in there but she had no way out. We have looked everywhere in that room. But we still can't find her. It looked like she chewed on the box a little to get her out but we don't know what she did with her. Is it possible she could have eaten her? I hate to think that but don't know what else to think.
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Tiffanyr; That is very hard to accept, but highly possible. Try not to dwell on it or the loss of little precious and look forward to loving the other kits. My thoughts and sympathy are with you. TLK
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One of the other kittens died last night. She was not eating. We tryed to get her to eat but she wouldn't. Thank God the other three are doing great. They are all growing already and eating all the time. Thanks for all the wonderful support.
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It does my heart good to hear about the three survivors! Let us know how it goes. You will see changes in them every day. What a joyful spring gift!!!!!
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I'm so sorry about the two kitties. Nature can be very cruel sometimes but it's usually for a reason, even though you may never know what the reason is. Put all your love and energy on the remaining kittens as I know you will. You are a good person with a heart of gold. I'll keep you in my prayers.
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All three kittens are now doing great. They all opened their eyes yesterday. They are so cute with their eyes open. We have them in one of our bathrooms so that they would be safe and warm. Well we decided to start letting Babes (momma cat) out to have full reign of the house well she did fine for a few days then yesterday she moved them to a closet that would not have been safe because of the stuff my kids throw in there. Luckilly we found them before anything happened to them. So now we have her locked in the bathroom again. I feel bad because I know that she wants to be out of the bathroom. But I also want her kittens to be safe. Also my kids leave the kittens alone when they are back there. Does anyone know when she will stop trying to move them? They are a week and a half old.
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She probably wont stop moving them until they are about 4 weeks old. When they start trying to get away from mom. I know it's hard having a mom cat. It's all part of the having kittens package. Mom will have to deal with it. She does not want to hurt them, but by nature they move them thinking they are keeping them safe. Just hang in there.
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Hi Tiffany -

How are you and those kittens? Please come back to the site and give up an update?

Best of luck,

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Hey Everyone!
The kittens are doing great. They are all little characters already. We let babes out this morning. So far she is leaving the kittens in the bathroom. I just hate to keep her locked up. Because I can tell she just hates it. Hopefully she won't try to move them again. Otherwise we will have to lock her in there again. It is just much safer in there for the kittens. They are so fun though. But most of the time they are sleeping. I will keep everyone updated.
God Bless
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