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Searching for Freeway (cuteness scale: 8 of 10)

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6 am....wake up, and every adult Jellicle in the house is scattered across the bed with me...but no Freeway. So, I got up and went to the play cubes where he likes to sleep. Still no Freeway! Under the bed, under the couch, in his room under the Freeway. I was starting to get really paranoid that he'd gotten stuck somewhere and I couldn't hear him.

Then I walked into the small room I use as a pantry/stuff room, looked around, over, under and through...and then I noticed the little ear sticking out...

Little Freeway had somehow made it to the second shelf on the shelves that I use for storing paper plates and platters....and was squeezed into the space between a stack of plates and the shelf above it, peacefully snoozing away

"Can I help you?....trying to sleep here!"
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He's off the cuteness scale Mike, OH My heart, that is just precious.
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It's amazing how they find just the right spot to squeeeeze into.
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that is SOOOO SWEET Mike! Way off the cuteness scale....
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that scores way, way off the cuteness scale

what a pudding sweet Freeway is just a little treasure pls can I have him
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Aww... amazing the tiny spaces our kitties can fit into. What a precious little cutie!
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Awwww, that is too cute!!!
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Hahaha so cute!!! He lookss so peaceful in the middle photo

And just to confirm - every adult Jellicle was on the bed and you still had room to sleep???

My bed seems full when I have 3 kitties on it who are all pretty small!
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Awww, look at that sweet angel!!
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OMG I would have missed the ear if I was searching! How cute!
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OMG! Could he be any cuter!!!
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On a scale of 1-10, that's a 20! Too sweet!
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Awww, there wasn't any room for little Freeway on the bed!! what an adorable baby he is
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Awwwww Isn't he just adorable??
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!!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! Those pictures melted my heart. What a darling little kitty! Give the little thing a kiss for me!
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With a housefull of cats, sometimes a fella just has to find a little time alone!
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Omg that is the sweetest little thing just a little ball of cuteness
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