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new mum cat strange behaviour

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I have two she cats, the first gave birth to 3 kittens last Wednesday and the other gave birth to 3 just yesterday. All seemed fine but an hour or so ago the new mum started to miaow and went behind the sofa (where its a bit cold), while she was there the other cat got in with her babies, no problems she just lay with them for a while. Anyway mum#2 came from behind the sofa and picked up one of her kittens and took it behind the sofa, she stayed there for a while and I couldn't entice her out so I picked up one of the other kittens to make it squeak and that got her out, but she promptly picked up another kitten and took that behind the sofa too so I've put a blanket under them all but really don't like her behaviour, the other kitten is still in its warm box at the moment.

Is this typical behaviour?
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I've heard that mom cats will move their kittens from the birthing box. Perhaps you could set her up in a room or closet by herself with her kittens with all that she needs, including a box. She probably doesn't feel like the kittens are safe where they are and that's why she's moving them.
Other more experienced folks will probably be along with more advise.
Welcome to TCS!!
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Thanks Devlyn, we have thought that maybe she feels her kittens are being threatened by the other cat so we are going to put her in a completely new box (this box is the one the other cat started motherhood in) and put it in the bedroom (and hope she doesnt find millions of places to hide them in there)
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If she doesn't feel safe in her box, then she'll likely continue to move the kittens until she feels safe. I've evern known moms to move kits to a cold place where they get too cold. I think the idea of setting her up in the bedroom is a good one. Try to put the box in a a corner or "safe" place, hopefully that will keep her from moving them again.

Do you plan on spaying the moms? (I have to ask, it's my nature! )
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We took them all into the bedroom in a different box and put it by the side of the bed, but Amber still took one under the bed, after awhile the others were squeaking so she went to them, I got the one from under the bed and put it in the box, she then took another under the bed, I've put a hot waterbottle under their blanket in the box as its not too warm in the bedroom and put the box half under the bed with one of the boxsides down. She lying watching them but only reaches in and sniffs if one squeaks.

Yes we will be getting them both spayed as soon as we can.
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Hmmmm...... Would it be possible to create a "kitty cave" out of a cardboard box for momma & babies? I mean....cut a hole in the box, but otherwise leave it all sealed up? Sounds to me like no matter what you try, she wants to move the babies!
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