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Moved the kitties to Mom and Dad's

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Well this weekend I moved the kitties home to my parents house about 1 hour away. For the next 3 weeks I am working 3 day weeks and will be going to their house for the other 4 days a week so I thought it would be less traumatic for the kitties. I will be moving to my parents at the end of June because my lease ends then even though my job ends at the end of may.

Sibohan misses me very much whenever I am gone, my mom says it's pathetic she sits on the washing machine near the back door looking out into the garage for a good hour after I leave meowing forlornly. Duke isn't so sentimental he is quite at home at me parents house He grew up there and he is also getting along very well with my parents new puppy Kyra. Sibohan tends to hiss and swat at the puppy.

I am so glad I have my parents to depend on. We are such a close family that if any of us need anything the others make it happen. When I lost my job and needed to move home I didn't even have to ask my mom just said that we would make it work. My grandparents are letting me store my things at their house. My brother just said to give him a few days notice and he will gather a gang of guys to move me all I have to do is supply the cold beer. I mean could anyone have a more understanding family? I have been so stressed with work that having my family be so great is making things soooooo much easier. My friends are also being so supportive all of them are occupying my evenings so that can't feel sorry for myself and 2 of my friend are coming over on Thursday for girls night and helping me pack things I'm not using.

I can't express how great it is to have the support I have at home and all you guys at TCS have allowed me to vent, and tell you about my problems without judgment and with constructive comments that allow me to examine my situation. THANK YOU TCS'ers!!
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Good families are a wonderful thing, aren't they? I don't know what I would do without mine- you certainly are blessed. I hope you get everything sorted out well soon!
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It is so wonderful that you're family is there for you!!! Duke & Sibohan will be fine....seems Duke moreso than Sibohan, though!
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