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help again

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daisy has just had her 4 baby had to cut cord very quickly as she was not breathing and daisy had not delivered the placentor (she could of eat it while i was looking after the baby ) if not what will happen if its still inside , will it come out in its own time? the baby is fine now and all are eating well. hope someone can help thanks
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Any more word on how Daisy is? did the placenta ever pass? Was this the last kitten born?

A retained placenta can rapidly cause a life threatening infection for Daisy.

I am hoping all is well with Mom and kittens. Please update when you can
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hi all daisy and her 4 babies are all doing fine , had a hard delivery with them all but we got there. (placenter passed after an hour) .so now hopefully i can sleep she finishing havin then this morning an 4.45. ive not been to sleep yet so really tried.ill post some pics later . if i can do it lol. louise xx
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Congratulations!!! Well done, sounds like you did a great job. Can't wait to see photos of your gorgeous babies!!
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Glad the placenta was delivered; usually the last one might take a little longer. Earlier ones are pushed out by the next kitten.

I remember my one rex queen - the sac broke before the kitten was born and it was a hard birth as it was "dry". I was right there to help. I always counted placentas - and it was not until the 3rd kitten born that 2 placentas came out (one from the 1st kitten).
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thats exactly what happened to daisy ,last ones feet first and she had broke the sack so she keeped pushing and it was sliding back and forth. when she finally pushed her out the little thing was not breathing so i broke the cord with the placentor inside her.gently rub the kitten in the palm of my hand and then it started breathing. i was so scared!!then an hour later the placentor was delivered. omg what a night but its so worth it now seeing her snuggled up with them.
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Congratulations on your new arrivals!
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Congrats on a healthy birth. I can't wait to see pics!
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Oh well done you. Sounds like you stepped in and did a great job.

Glad all is now well.....cant wait to see pics of your fur babies
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thats great news that everything went well even though it was a hard birth. cant wait for pictures!
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On almost all my kittens, I would take the kitten away for a few seconds to get the mouth open and it to cry/breathe. Sometimes mom starts cleaning the back end and not the head - so to be sure of things, I break open the sac around the head/mouth then hand the kitten back to mom.
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Phew ! Congrats on a healthy birth!
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