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Hello all!

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First post, I found the site last night. What a great group of people!!
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HAHA It worked!! That's Max!
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Hi, Narciss and Max! It's so nice to have you here. I hope to see more pictures of handsome Max! Join us in the Cat Lounge and check into the other forums for information, stories, whatever you like. Post often.
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Baz and Max and two birdies!
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Baz is gorgeous! What a beautiful kitty you have there!
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Welcome to the site! Max is just gorgeous. I'm a bit partial to black kitties, I have a fluffy one of my own. Or maybe I should say, a black fluffy cat has me for his own....

Baz is another gorgeous cat, Narciss! I see you have Cat TV at your house, too, with the window with birds. That can keep my two occupied for hours.

I also merged your two threads so everyone can see your two furbabes in one spot.
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Narciss, you have two adorable cats! And I especially like the name Bazil!

I am new to this site as well, still catching up on reading all of the posts and haven't posted much yet but I'm excited to have found it!
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Ooh - I missed the picture of Max. What a lovely black cat!

I luurve black cats too - Ferdy is solid black, and makes for a really handsome little chap.
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Oh what gorgeous babies!!!! Welcome to the site - hope to see lots more pics like that!!!
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Both of their eyes are so full of life! Hope you will share more as time comes around. And of course welcome to our humble home!

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What beautiful kitties.
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Welcome!! Another Torontonian! Yeayyyyy!!

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Hi to you, Narciss, and Max and Bazil. Both are beautiful kitties, but Bazil looks a lot like the cat I grew up with, Loppy. The cat I share my life with now, Ivo, also has Cat TV. I feed a flock of pigeons, so Ivo has something to watch while I'm at work.

I look forward to hearing more from you, and more about your furbabes!

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Howdy and glad to have you. What beautiful kitties you have. I have a black semi-longhair. His name is Tomas. I love black cats. They remind me of mini black panthers.

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