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Ugh, I read some spoilers about the supposed "leaked" book. Let's just say I'm not a happy camper. I am a member of a Harry Potter site, and I have a feeling of what I read is true.

I can't wait to get the book though. I just think it sucks that people have purposely put out the story to spoil it. Now that I think I know the end, that isn't going to stop me from buying it.
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I just got the email from Amazon.com:

My book is packaged and ready to be shipped out

I'm excited.
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Originally Posted by Soka View Post
I can't wait for the final book. I work at Barnes and Noble here in Richmond and I'm hoping to work at the Harry Potter Party. I've already got my black cloak all ready and a Ravenclaw scarf. Oh and I have a little stuff animal owl thats about 3-4 inches high that I can safety pin onto my shoulder. I can't wait. I'm so excited. I still haven't pre-ordered the book yet since I've been so busy, but I'm going to do that next week.
Originally Posted by Samantha1979 View Post
The employees are going to be dressed up??? Now I HAVE to go!!
I work at the B&N here too, we had a big party from 8 until 1. I was Hermione, people actually recognized who I was supposed to be too. I changed my nametag too, it was fun! Only two of us were dressed up, but a lot of customers were.

We got like 300ish people through the line in 20 minutes flat. Yay, organization! And we had plenty of books left at close yesterday.

I read some of it, and I have to say I don't get what all the hoopla is about, but then I haven't been reading them from the beginning.
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There was a town nearby Oak Park that did a big festival thing, turned a bunch of stores into Harry Potter- type shops and had a Diagon Alley, Wizard's Chess, Quidditch, sold food/drinks (like Butterbeer, yum!), had a "Slytherin house of reptiles" in their library(a live reptile show/display), and so on... It was really neat and lots of fun! I will post a link to the photos I took there, as soon as I get them from my sister since I used her camera. I went to that festival in the afternoon on Friday then at night I went to Borders which was also fun. A lot of the employees were dressed up, they had a costume contest and trivia contests and other fun things to do.

I also re-read "Order of the Phoenix" a week or two ago before I went to see the movie, and then I was going to re-read "Half-Blood Prince" afterwards but I couldn't find my copy, so I was a little confused when I started reading "Deathly Hallows" because I didn't remember everything from the last book since I only read it once back when it first came out! If I ever find that 6th book I am going to re-read it anyway...

I thought the book was great, but I am sad that it is over. I am also sad that there will be no more Harry Potter events to go to! I really enjoyed the Oak Park event, I went to it for the 6th book as well and it was so much fun, but now alas there will be no more...
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For Herry potter I like the movies better then the books, But some books are beter then the movies, Clan of the cavebear is a good example
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I see Snape as a wild-card in all this. Even tho it's obvious he loathes Harry, he's always there trying to protect him somehow. Maybe it's not Harry he hates so much; maybe it's the fact that Harry reminds Snape of James Potter.
Dumbledore has consistently said that he trusts Snape; maybe that's why I think he's going to end up being a good guy.
I hate to say I told you so, but.......
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I'm going to try and ignore everything that has been said about HP on this site so that nothing is given away as I have just started reading the first book. My sister has been a fan for a long time and she has finally persuaded me to try and get into it. I'm enjoying it so far................
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Finally got finished with the book & saw the movie.
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Amazing books!! I started reading the series when Order of the Phoenix had just been released (it is my favorite book in the series, btw). Like most people, it got me interested in reading again. Now my book shelf is completely full.

I also named my kitten, Nimbus, based on the name of Harry's first broomstick, the Nimbus 2000.
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What amazed me about the latest book is that I was carrying it around for weeks while I was reading it (only have so much time in a day to read).. and I had taken the cover off.. and people that I never expected to actually be interested in HP knew exactly what the book was without the cover (and the title was covered).

I was like, you guys read HP??
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