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Eating litter?

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Interestingly, My kitten will sometimes put some of the litter in his mouth and eat it. I usually take it out of his mouth when i am around. I use gravel like litter, Is there any litter that is eatable for kittens/cats .
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That is why KITTENS shouldnt use CLUMPING litter ... Worlds best and Sweat scoop are both natural litter that clump and are safe for kittens who taste test ... If these are nt avail try reg clay litter
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Worlds best is available, thanks!
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Yes, please switch litters. You can imagine how this clay stuff when ingested would eventually get rock hard and begin to coat a cat's insides. Kittens are notorious for not knowing any better, so like Sharky said, the clay clumping stuff should never be used at that age. As they grow older they learn not to eat the stuff, but there are definitely some great alternatives out there to the toxic clay.
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So, I bought some Worlds best cat litter, Original Formula.

It's totally eatable correct? It say's its made from whole kernel corn.
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Yes it wont lead to a blcokage as it will just go out the other direction
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Very nice, Thanks for the suggestion.
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My cat actually started eating litter back in December. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her eating it!! Definitely don't use the clumping litter, as that can cause all kinds of problems in a cat when they eat it. I was able to get my cat to stop by very closely watching her whenever she went near the litter, and if I saw her attempting to eat it, I'd call her name so that she knew I was watching her, and she'd stop. Of course, you can't say "No" because you don't want them to think that it's bad to go to the bathroom in the litter box! But my cat did eventually stop and she hasn't done it since. I never figured out why she was doing it! She was having really bad stomach problems at the time and all the vet could come up with was that maybe, for some odd reason, my cat thought the litter would make her stomach feel better. Very strange!

We tried the Yesterday's News brand litter - it's basically hardened newspaper and is digestible if cats decide to eat it. It is expensive, though, so as soon as my cat stopped eating it, we slowly switched back to the old kind we were using.
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