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Now my cat likes to climb on my shoulders

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This is relatively new. I posted a while back that my cat thought he was a hat. Liked to climb on my head when I am sitting at the computer. Now, actually right this second, he is around my neck. I have head and paws on one side of my face, and tail on the other. I was working on a puzzle last night on the coffee table, and I was bent over, and he jumped on my back!! He just sits on my shoulders and purrs. If they weren't so cute and furry....

Anyone else have these climbers in their house?
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Trout will climb on my back if I am bending over and tying up my shoes
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I remember your thread about your cat wanting to be your hat I know a lot of people who have said their cats sit on their shoulder...mine do not.
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Mooch used to do that, but she's too big to fit there now. She still sits on my chest and smothers me though!

I went and dug up a pic of when she did fit! (I look really tired here!)

Ok this one is cuter!
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That is EXACTLY what Reggae does!! He just started it a few weeks ago. I have never had a cat that has done that before!! I don't have any pics of it, because my DH is always sleeping when Reggae does it!

It just makes me nervous when he does it because he likes to try and roll over too, and I can only trim the claws so much!!
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Well met big bella weighing in over 10lbs and loves to lay on my shoulders and will make sure she wraps her self around my neck even though she is a little big for it and well she just loves the shoulders even more! But I am trying to break her of that habit because well my shoulders have some nice scars from kittie scratches up there I am currently free, ever since yesterday I havent had a single me moment Bella is everwhere!

Now Blue only goes on the shoulders on occasion not often!

But yes we have a climber her named bella and thankfully shes losing some of that extra weight (she was a little overweight but we finally found a food thats got it under control, funny thing is its not a weight management food either )
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YUP.. Buddy thinks my back is his bed & playground. He would be on my back most of the time if I'd let him.

Every morning as I get ready, he'd jump on me and supervise me getting ready..
Every day when I get home and start to take contacts out, etc, he gets on my back and chases his tail around on my back and sometimes bites at my clothes. Other times, he just lounges on my back and sometimes sleeps.. I have to wait for him to get off. If I try to get him off before he is ready, he'll dig in with his claws and move away from my hands so it's impossible to get him off...

It's rare that my back isn't covered with scratches!

Spike jumps up on my back once in a while but he doesn't stay on long cuz he uses his claws way too much so I often would be yelping.

Tango- he jumps on my back also but most of the time he doesn't stay on for long cuz Buddy would see him and jump up on my back also and bop him until Tango gives up and get off.

Guess Buddy thinks my back is HIS territory ONLY!

I will be posting a few movies of Buddy on my back soon in furpics so check it out!
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When Sibohan thinks i'm ignoreing her she will jump from the ground onto my shoulder when I am standing and i'm 6'1" she's got a bit of kangaroo in her I swear
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I had a 22 lb red tabby cape. This cat was HUGE, but he thought he was a tiny baby. I was always afraid he would start to fall and would dig in those ernormous claws. He was the sweetest cat ever.
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Our Doc was a climber from the time he was a tiny little guy!
He'll climb everywhere, and if you bend over or bend down, thud! Next thing you know, you've got a cat on your back! Gives us incentive for frequent nail trimming -- BF has a few destroyed T-shirts from Doc's climbing expeditions, not to the mention the occasion cat scratches on the back -- ouch! I've gotten freakd out myself a couple times...not knowing anyone was around, bent over to pick something up, and pounce! Ah! Cat on your back!!
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