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Potential New Show Cat

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This is my uncle's cat that will be living with us until my uncle completes his move to this area. Anyhoo, I got permission from him to show the cat. She is only half siamese - and therefore can only be shown as an HHP - but I think she has lots of potential based on looks alone. Also, she is a people cat. Like, Luna she tolerates rough handling (sometimes rougher than I like - but since I don't run the house I can only do so much).

Doesn't she have great coloring?

Edit: sorry the picture's so big :P

Edit (again): By the way, I need to know what's the name for her type of coloring? I don't know what color to register her under. All I know is that she'd be pointed.
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I think she's a seal point.

Good luck with showing, it's tons of fun
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She's a blue point. Seal point would be dark brown/black - she's more of a greyish color from the photo.

Is she an only cat? I'd show her, see how she does around a lot of other people and especially cats. Sometimes only cats don't like all those other cats at a show. But you never know till you try

Let us know what happens when you put her in a show Good luck. If you need to know what to bring, how to get ready, etc., then just ask - we'll be happy to help you out.

One requirement for all associations is they have to be neutered/spayed if over 8 months old. And only ACFA and TICA allow declawed cats in HHP - if she's not declawed, you can show her in any association.
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nah, she's not an only cat. Her companion is a 16 year old purebred chocolate siamese (btw, Chloe IS "grey"). And she has claws.

It will be her first time showing, but not mine. My kitty is a solid black HHP. However, I've never had a pointed cat, so I want to make sure I show her in the right color class.

Also, she's never been spayed or has any shots. I could probably find this on the TICA site (lazy me), but what do I HAVE to have for her besides the spaying and rabies. I'm going to take her to a rabies clinic this weekend and get her spayed next week, but I'm sure she needs something else.

Edit to add: We'll be going to the TICA SE regional show in Raleigh in July. I hope she regrows her belly fur in time.
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Don't worry about the belly fur - judges will not count it against her and they WANT to be sure she's spayed

You will need the regular 4 in 1 shots (distember, etc.) besides the rabies. I would contact the TICA show to get the flyer.

If she's greyish, she would be blue point as her color/class. Be sure she gets a bath about 2 days before the show. Trim all nails too

How old is she and why was she not spayed sooner?
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she is 2 years old

apparently the cat was dumped on my uncle. My aunt had decided to take home a kitten at the time that they did not have money to care for. Then when she had the nerve to leave him (long, personal story) she abandoned her cat that she so impusively adopted.

He's busy trying to get a job to take care of himself and his son, so I am spaying the cat for him. He says she goes in and out of heat, so I didn't have the heart to leave her as is (besides the fact that I want to show her because she is so pretty ).
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Yeah and worse with the oriental breeds when in heat! Thanks for getting her spayed
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she's been spayed today

the girl is 7 lbs

I also found out from my uncle that she's almost 3.
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Let us know when her first show is and how she does.
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Originally Posted by Starfish View Post
she's been spayed today
the girl is 7 lbs
I also found out from my uncle that she's almost 3.
That's great to hear!!! Good on you for getting her the care she needs - she'll be much healthier and happier for it!

Good luck with the showing
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ha, my family has a different opinion. They thought I wasted my money. I'm just sad about my empty wallet.

Btw, the vet was shocked when I mentioned she'd never been to a vet before. So now she has to get a follow up shot for the distemper. Poor girl. She just started forgiving me to whisking her off to the vet.
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