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Free Calender from Cat Chow

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I just recieved my free calender today from Cat Chow. It's actually really nice! You can go to www.catchow.com to sign up for it. It is a Celebrity Calender who has my fave celeb in it...Dale Earnhardt Jr! The pix are of the celebrities and their cats...It's sooooo cute! Just thought I'd share it with you all...plus everyone needs a calender, right?
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I just signed up

Even though I dont like their food, I will take a free calander from them.
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I can't get the calendar, live in Canada. too bad.
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I think I got one... I'm not sure. I really dont' need another calendar. I get tons from the like the aspca and things like that. I haven't bought an acutal calendar in quite awhile.
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Shell! Another NASCAR fan? Yippee!! Carla (Jeff24Girl - who'd of though...) and I and Krazy Kat (Rebecca) are too!

I LOVE Junior too! Hmm, didn't picture him as a cat person. I knew he had good taste.
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I registered for my free calendar. I don't know why they need all your information if they're only sending you a calendar.
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Spooky, its all about marketing. Once you register and give them all your info, then they are going to target you with emails and mail things to get you to buy Purina.
The calendar is to lure you in.
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Thanks for the heads-up about the freebie!
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Thank you for sharing! I love freebies especialy kitty freebies.

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I registered for the calendar a few weeks ago and actually forgot all about it until I got it in the mail. So far I haven't recieved any junk emails or anything from them...hopefully I won't get any either. That is one of my pet peeves...I hate it when I check my email and I've got 100 junk emails for things I could care less about.
I just thought I'd share this freebie with all of you guys in case if you were interested.
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The pic of Jr isn't really that great...but he looks so sweet with his cat Buddy Love. Buddy Love is beautiful...not sure what kind he is, but kind of looks like a Main Coon (sp?). I also heard that he's got 2 other cats and he absolutely adores them. Speaking of cats, I read on nascar.com month or so ago, that Matt Kenseth and Kevin Harvick are huge cat lovers too. I just love seeing men and their cats...it's just so sweet! Oh...I thought I'd tell everyone the list of celebrities that are in the calendar. They are John Grisham, Sheryl Swoopes, John Goodman, Tony La Russa, Jeff Probst (host from Survivor...really hot pic of him by the way!), Tino Martinez, Shannon Elizabeth, Rosa Blasi, Jerry Rice, Rosalind Chao and Elise Neal. I personally don't know who half of these people are, but just thought I'd let everyone know in case if ya wanted to know.
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