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Cat in heat vent....

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Hi All,

I just received a new cat (her name is Mumbles) about a week and a half ago. I'm guessing she's 6 months old (the friend that gave her to me said she was 6 weeks, but she's waaaay to big to be 6 weeks old). She went into heat yesterday. I've scheduled the appointment to have her spayed for Thursday morning, and Thursday morning can't get here soon enough!!!!! I feel sorry for her, she seems miserable almost, wallowing, rubbing everything, and rolling around everywhere. I'll be glad to have my normal, happy, playful Mumbles back!!!!

/end rant
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aww poor thing, 6 weeks? hmm, that is a huge mistake someone made if she is already going into heat! Do you have pictures? We would love to see her! Good job on getting her in right away to be spayed!
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I have heard of some cats (particularly oriental/siamese types) going into heat as young as 4-5 months old, but she definitely isn't 6 weeks old! Well done for booking her in to be spayed, she will be much happier once she has recovered from surgery, which won't take long at all.

Do you have any photos of her? There are plenty of experienced people on this site who will be able to help give an estimation of her age. And also we like to see pictures of cats of course
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Just be sure she has NO access to get outside. Yeah they do look and act so miserable
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Here she is:

She's such a sweetie.

She's an indoor only cat, so she isn't allowed outside.

I feel so bad for her, she just seems so pitiful!
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Oh she's lovely! Beautiful tabby markings. She's definitely closer to 6 months than 6 weeks, just going on her face because I can't see her body well I'd say your judgement of her age was about right, she must be 5 months at the very least, probably 6 is a good guess.
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Ha! I saw your title and thought your cat was trapped in a dryer vent...
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Ha! I saw your title and thought your cat was trapped in a dryer vent...
I thought that too! Poor baby, she's lovely, I think you're right she's probably 6 mths, not 6 weeks.
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Yes she's a lot closer to 6 months - she doesn't have that little "kitten" look - no way is she 6 weeks old
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Ha! I saw your title and thought your cat was trapped in a dryer vent...
I thought he had one trapped in a heating duct, lol.

Very pretty girl, and definitely closer to 6 months!
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Hi htere - she looks a sweetie! The vet will be able to give you a pretty good idea of her age by looking at the development of her canine teeth. They come through at about 5 months.
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I feel your pain!!! We waited a few months after our cat came into heat to get her spayed. I don't know who was in more pain, us listening to her day and night, or her!
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We had to make our appt months in advance, and I think she started a heat, though not full-on, before she got fixed.

I remember that too well, and feel your pain. I was ready to put a hole in the wall one night I was so annoyed.

Thank you for spaying!
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If you care, your cat looks to be 99% Maine Coon, and will be pretty big, as well as fun - I've had two females and one is a princess, the other was a total riot, so enjoy her!
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Thanks for the responses! Her feet are HUGE (like mine, LOL) - so I figure she's going to be pretty big when she grows up.

For a little while last night, she turned into her normal self, chewing on things () and being her usual friendly self, but it was short lived. She started howling again and wallowing after about an hour with the little pitiful "in heat" meow she has. One more more day. *sigh*

(When I looked back at the title, it does look like my cat got stuck in the dryer... )
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