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camera shutter speed need help again

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Ok so now we are trying to get a new camera since ours well was stolen SO we need help, what are good brands of digital camera's and what is with this shutter speed, I seen canon say 15 sec isnt that bad ecs for pics of pets? I want something that I can capture and quick ecs with my niece and nephews as well! But the canon we seen was a 10 mp and they arent saying to many good things on battery life, then again they said the same thing bout our olympus battery life and that lasted me a few weeks

But can someone PLEASE HELP! idk y my mom started looking again I really didnt expect her too but she is and well I need ur guys help once again

I am just so confused on the shutter speed, and I like to take pics in natural light without the flash so I can get better pics and no glowy eyes so someone please help!
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What is your budget? Do you often take indoor pics? low light situations? Maybe you should start with your budget and we can narrow down the selections from there.
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Well we are once again going thry dell and we are in the under $300 range! I try to take alot of natural light pics but I do take some in the flash :/ But I do love taking pics outside and do often
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I don't have a very broad knowledge of different cameras, but one I have just now which I know to be great with macro filming an photography is the Pentax Optio W10 Wateroproof. It was about £120 when I bought it about a year ago, so quite good for price. I'm not sure of the actual spec of it, but the shutter speed is very good.
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This is a pretty good site for camera review and a comprehensive buying guide that allows you to choose by the criteria you need.


They review general camera for and rates them. I find them pretty reliable.

My advice is to test them before you buy especially in low light situation/natural light.

Good luck to ya.
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